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NMT stands for Networked Media Tank. This is a common term used for a family of devices that all run a media platform solution made by Syabas.

By installing mvpmcx2 these devices can be used as 'front end clients', extending the NextPVR UI (User Interface), with full client functionality, over your entire home network. Benefits over a PC Client include size, noise (many are fanless), cost and avoiding 'codec hell' (The NMT's onboard chips will handle most common media formats natively).

Supported Models

NextPVR/mvpmcx2 supports all NMTs which run the Syabas 8635 firmware. The following models have been confirmed to work by NextPVR users:

  • Popcorn Hour (PCH) A100.
  • Popcorn Hour (PCH) A110.
  • Popcorn Hour (PCH) B110.
  • EGreat M34a.
  • HD Digitech HDX 1000.


The latest version of mvpmcx2 is v3.5.0

Download:NMTInstall2.exe (1677 downloads)

Download:mvpmcx2p.7z (940 downloads)


Follow the Dummies guide to installing mvpmc2 walkthrough.


NMTs and the mvpmcx2 client are all discussed in the NMTMVPMCX2 support forum.


Don't struggle with installation for more than an hour. If you upload your logs and the NMT syntax check output, a forum member can usually help you very quickly

NMT Syntax Checker Tool

This utility attempts to connect to your NMT and creates a report which can help solve some common problems.


  1. Enter the IP address of your NMT. If you have a hard disk in the PCH you can alternative enter the hostname.
  2. Click Check.
  3. Copy and paste the output in to a new post on the NMTMVPMCX2 support forum.

Some default hostnames are: PCH-A100, PCH-A110 and HDEYESHOT (EGreat).


Download:NMTChecker.7z (805 downloads)

Further Configuration

It is highly recommended to first have your NMT fully installed & configured so it is working correctly before performing the more advanced configuration tasks discussed in the FAQ.

Editing mvpmcx2 scripts

It is important that when editing mvpmcx2 scripts do not use notepad, use an editor which will saves the file in a linux compatible format. Editpadlite is "free for non-commercial use", and has been used successfully for editing mvpmcx2 scripts.

Tips and Tricks

NMT Useful tips - a whole page of NMT related tips, including how to automatically start NextPVR.


Here's a link to the NMT page on the old GB-PVR wiki.

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