How do I start NextPVR quickly?

To quickly start NextPVR from the selection screen on the NMT (if using the default N-PVR.html to load), you can use the shortcut of:

# Blue Enter Enter (where # is the menu number of the mvpmc share)

If you are using auto load index.htm and/or index_sd.htm to load, the shortcut is:

# wait 3 seconds (where # is the menu number of the mvpmc share)

How do I automatically load NextPVR?

Using 'Auto Load' index.htm and/or index_sd.htm to load NextPVR automatically

Original script by goofygrin major modifications by Jaggy

On a cold boot up of your NMT it will automatically select the last used share from the source screen after 20/30 seconds & then run index.htm (or index_sd.htm) which (using the attached) will automatically load NextPVR after 3 seconds if you don't press "enter" at the prompt.

(to speed up loading you can select your share at the source screen & press enter or press the number of
the share & it will then instantly run index.htm or index_sd.htm)

From standby: To exit, hit 'Power' on the remote and then hit it again as soon as you see the NMT 'clapper-board' image to put the PCH into standby.

To re-start, turn on the TV then press 'Power' on the NMT remote, almost immediately you will see the NMT Home screen followed immediately by the box showing "Press ENTER to STOP NextPVR loading". After 3 seconds the screen will go black and then perhaps 4-5 seconds later it will show the NextPVR MainMenu.

The images on the right are what you see if you don't press "enter" the images on the left are after pressing "enter"

 (they look different on the TV screen & have a green hi-light bar & no underlines)

The images at the top are for the two option menu ( the images at the bottom are for the four option menu (

 Download:Client./ (648 downloads) Download:Client./  (579 downloads)  


Download & unzip into your share folder (C:\mvpmc as default)

 I have recently discovered that you can have both HD & SD index's in your share at the same time & it
 will use whichever is appropriate for the TV it is trying to load.
 I would recommend that you should just edit both the index scripts in the .zip and leave them in your share .
 This also means if you have more than one NMT & a mix of HD & SD TV's you can still use these scripts

Open your N-PVR.html (found in your share folder) in a linux editor & find this line

<a href="http://localhost.drives:8883/NETWORK_SHARE/PVR-SERVER:mvpmc/npvr.cgi">N-PVR</a>

take a note of the share name.... in this case PVR-SERVER:mvpmc ....(NOTE: it is case sensitive) open index.htm & index_sd.htm in your editor & edit the references to the share (there are three of them, don't miss the one down near the bottom of the script) to be EXACTLY the same as it is in your N-PVR.html.

Cold boot your NMT & manually select your share for the first time at the network browser (source) screen as it needs to be your last used option for it to work automatically, it should them jump to the loading screen & after 3 seconds load NextPVR. On the next boot of your NMT it should automatically load if you don't press "enter" at the prompt.

NOTE: If you remove index.htm and index_sd.htm from your share folder your install will be back to the way it was, so there is no real danger of breaking a good working setup when trying this out.

More than one server? Here are some multi-server index(sd).htm scripts that will work with the standard setup for multi-servers as outlined below in the section "More than one server?" "Selecting which server to use from the NMT menu"

(For the three server setup you will need to create npvr1.cgi & npvr2.cgi along with startmeup1 & startmeup2 scripts)

This will load your NextPVR (Main Server) automatically if not interrupted by pressing "enter" at the prompt. (don't forget to edit the references to the share (for two servers there are four of them, for three servers there are five of them)

 Download:Client./ (562 downloads) Download:Client./ (568 downloads)

How can I use the Hauppauge or MCE remote with an NMT?

If you have the newer Hauppauge remote or an MCE remote and wished it worked with your NMT, well now it can.

Originally Posted by mvallevand (edited by Jaggy) (364 downloads)


Place the extracted lircd1 file in your mvpmc share and modify the initialisation area of npvr.cgi to include these commands
 cp /etc/mvpmc/lircd1 /bin
 killall lircd
 lircd1 &

{here is an example of my npvr.cgi}


 echo "Content-Length: 29";
 echo "Content-type: text/html";
 echo "";

 cd ~
 if [ -f /etc/mvpmc/mvpmcx2 ]
    echo "mvmcx2 is loaded";
    mkdir /etc/mvpmc
    mount -t cifs // /etc/mvpmc -o username=root,rw
    cp /etc/mvpmc/utelnetd /usr/bin
    cp /etc/mvpmc/lircd1 /bin
    killall lircd
    lircd1 &
    ln -s /lib/ /lib/
    ln -s /lib/ /lib/
    ln -s /lib/ /lib/
    ln -s /lib/ /lib/
    utelnetd -l /bin/sh -p 23 &
    echo "Telnetd started on port 23............";
 killall gaya
 sh -c /etc/mvpmc/startmeup 2>/dev/null >/dev/null &
 exit 0;

NMT Keys
If you need your NMT remote it will still work however the Hauppauge/MCE, remote will work for most NMT functions as well.

Here is some NMT mappings.

 Zoom = #
 Time Seek = *
 Angle = Record
 Title = Video
 USB Eject = Go
 Source = Menu

NOTE: You will still have to use your NMT remote to navigate the menus on powering up your NMT until it has loaded mvpmcx2

Problems with your remotes range?

Originally Posted by roy

Check out this thread

Originally Posted by Jaggy

And/or this thread

How can I use more than one server?

More than one server? Want to be able to swap back & forward between them quickly & easily?

Originally Posted by mvallevand

First, I would place the mvpmc share on an always-on share so you don't have to worry about the un-mounting.

Then I would add a third entry in N-PVR.html pointing to npvr1.cgi, and create npvr1.cgi pointing to startmemup1. In each startmeup add the ip of the NextPVR server you want to talk to on the command line with --emulate xx.xx.xx.xx

What I did & how I did it:

Originally Posted by Jaggy

Modified "N-PVR.html" to add another selectable option that loads "npvr1.cgi" instead of "npvr.cgi" (you can edit the displayed name to whatever suits you) I also changed the background colour & made the gaps between selections bigger for easier viewing while I was at it.

Here is a copy of My N-PVR.html Download:Client./ (560 downloads)
<a href="http://localhost.drives:8883/NETWORK_SHARE/PVR-SERVER:mvpmc/npvr.cgi">NextPVR (Main Server)</a>
<a href="http://localhost.drives:8883/NETWORK_SHARE/PVR-SERVER:mvpmc/npvr1.cgi">NextPVR (Second Server)</a>

(If you decide to use my N-PVR.html you will need to edit the share PVR-SERVER:mvpmc to exactly match what is in your original N-PVR.html (highlighted in red) NOTE: it is case sensitive)

Made a copy of "npvr.cgi" with the name "npvr1.cgi" & edited it so it loads "startmeup1" instead of "startmeup"

 sh -c /etc/mvpmc/startmeup1 2>/dev/null >/dev/null &

Edited "startmeup" to add "--emulate" to the mvpmcx2 command (this is the network address of my main NextPVR server you will need to edit it to yours)

 /etc/mvpmc/mvpmcx2 --emulate &

Made a copy of "startmeup" with the name "startmeup1" & changed "--emulate" to "--emulate" (this is the network address of my second NextPVR server you will need to edit it to yours)

In config on my second server under the "MVP & NMT" tab told it to autostart a server & copied the MAC address section in config.xml from my main server & pasted it into config.xml on my second server so NextPVR displayed correctly on my TV.

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