NextPVR add-on

As of the xbmc (v12) 'Frodo' release NextPVR is supported as a back-end xbmc 'Live TV' (PVR) server. Live TV and Recordings can be handled by NextPVR but may be viewed and managed by xbmc clients.

If running on Windows NextPVR and xbmc can run on the same machine providing this functionality.

If running xbmc on any other Operating System, xbmc will, via the NextPVR add-on, communicate with a NextPVR back-end server running on Windows.


A NextPVR Server running on supported Windows Operating Systems. See NextPVR Pre-Requistites

Recommended to be running the latest version of NextPVR. (but at least a NextPVR version of 2.5.9 with R2 patch or greater).

An xbmc 'Frodo' release build (or newer) from


The xbmc connection to NextPVR is configured in two places:

In NextPVR

The xbmc add-on requires a Server Name (a static IP is preferred) and a Port number.

The Server Name is the IP of the machine running the NextPVR server.

The default port for a NextPVR install is port '8866'.

This port number may be changed in NextPVR to suit individual settings, for this see NextPVR Client and Web settings.

In xbmc

The NextPVR add-on is installed from the PVR add-on section of xbmc.

Once installed, the xbmc add-on must be configured.

NextPVR Server Name

'' if running NextPVR and xbmc on the same machine.

Otherwise use the NextPVR server IP address on your network.



The web port on the NextPVR server


Currently should be left as '0000'.

Once configured, the add-on must be enabled. Once enabled, it will appear in the System|Settings|Add-Ons|Enabled Add-ons|PVR Clients menu.


If your NextPVR server name is given explicitly (i.e., is anything other than '', the default local IP address with NextPVR and xbmc running on the same machine), you will need to allow NextPVR Recording Service (NRecord.exe), nextpvr.exe, and ndigitalhost.exe through the firewall on the host/server machine, otherwise xbmc will complain it has 'lost' the connection to the server.

Successful Installation

If the NextPVR add-on is installed correctly in xbmc, then on selecting 'Live TV' in xbmc, dialog boxes will appear in the upper-right corner, showing the progress of EPG, Recordings, and Timer information being imported from the NextPVR server.


As always, the speed of the network connection between client and server is a big factor in performance. A wired Ethernet connection is recommended.


Changing the default web port: NMT & Web settings page.

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