This dialog allows you to configure an analog tuner card for use in NextPVR.

Device Identification

Shows the details of the device being edited.


Shows the name of the device being edited.


Shows the number of the device being edited. This is useful for those you have a dual tuner card, or multiple single tuner cards of the same type.


Set whether NextPVR should use this device. This option can be used to hide a particular tuner in a multi-tuner device (for example, to disable the unused satellite tuner part of a card with DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S tuners).

Channel Changer

Configuration section for Channel Changers.


The path to the Channel Changer's program file (.exe).


The command line arguments required by your chosen required Channel Changer in order to transmit the correct code.

add = here you can add fm = this one is for oldschool fm radio delete = here you can delete the currently selected channel import = you can import channels from an epg like xml or schedules direct format


A list of channels configured for this device.


Adds a channel to the list.

Add FM

Adds an FM radio channel to the list.


Deletes the currently selected channel from the list.


Imports a list of channels from an XMLTV based EPG or Schedules Direct.

Add Channel Dialog

This dialog allows you to configure an analogue channel for a device.


The number of the channel. Note that this is not the same as the channel sorting order.


Set the name of the channel. Any name is OK, but if using an XMLTV EPG it is recommended to use the same name.

Input Source

Set the video input source type.


For the TV reception.

S-Video / S-Video2

External video input through an S-Video connection.

composite / composite 2

External video input through a composite connection.


Set if using a fixed channel input. For example, an STB which outputs on channel 39 and channel changes are made with a 'blaster' or another type of channel changer.


Set the region where you live, NextPVR will use frequencies used in that region.


Set the tuning type.


For those who receive TV through analog cable.


For those who receive analog terrestrial TV through an aerial. Also for those if you need other tuning spaces to receive some special stations, an apartment block wide broadcast or VHF CCTV system for example.

Fixed CH

For those using an external STB. Set the channel number the STB is broadcasting on.

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