Some skins (including the default widescreen skin) display channel logos on screens such as the TV Guide to help with identification.

Note that the default 4:3 TV Guide skin (used when 4:3 is set as the TV Shape) does not show channel logos. This is by design, due to the lack of screen space on a 4:3 (SD) TV screen.

Where to put them

NextPVR looks for image files in a Media\Channels\ directory under the data directory with the same name as the channels. Note that the file name must EXACTLY match the name as it is displayed on the channels tab of the settings dialog. It's recommended not to rely on the name shown in the TV Guide as these names may be cutoff if they are too long. Images with .png, .jpg and .gif extensions are recognized.

Where to find them

Members of the community have made logo packs available here for use by other NextPVR users.

Logos are also available on the Internet from a number of websites including:

What image size to look for

Most skins are optimized for the most common, nearly-square channel icons.

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