This tab allows you to manage devices used to watch and record TV and Radio.

Device List

NexPVR will automatically scan your system for supported devices, the results of which will appear here. Right-click on a device to configure or delete it.

Note: If you have an analog device you must install some additional software before it will be listed.

Device Setup

Display the Device Setup dialog for the selected device. The actual dialog displayed will be different depending on the type of device:

Export Channels

Exports the selected device's channel configuration to XML file.

Import Channels

Imports the selected device's channel configuration from XML file.

Device Priority

The devices are shown in the order they will be used for Recordings and Live TV (top to bottom).


Moves the selected device up or down in the priority list.

Use Reverse Priority For Live TV

Set whether to use the listed devices in order from bottom to top for Live TV. Top to bottom priority order will still be used for Recordings.

Device Setup Walkthroughs

As device configuration can be complex, a number of walkthroughs are available which cover specific common scenarios.

Device Priority

If you have more than once device you can set the order in which they will be used for watching and recording TV. The highest priority device is shown at the top of the list.

Client Server

Configuration options for the PC client.

Act as Client PC

Set whether NextPVR on this PC runs as a client.

Server name

Set the network name of the PC you would like to use as the server. This is the name set within Windows Networking - access privileges and visibility is dependant on your network configuration.

If the server has a static IP address, this can be used instead of the name.

Database share

Set the path to the NextPVR data directory on the server. An example might be that your server PC, named "PVR", has a shared folder, "NEXTPVR". You would then enter \\PVR\NEXTPVR as the path for this option. If you are running Windows 7 and have homegroup sharing enabled then it may be already shared as \\PVR\Users\Public\NPVR.

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