The EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) is essential to the NextPVR television experience. It provides listings for the TV Guide allowing you to easily decide what to watch and record.

EPG Choices

NextPVR supports three broad types of EPG sources.

Choice 1: OTA (Over The Air)

For those using digital devices the simplest option is to use the EPG data provided by broadcasters 'over the air'. Unfortunately the availability and quality of the EPG data can vary depending on where you live (for example the North American digital cable EPG data is very limited).

For configuration details see the OTA EPG page.

Choice 2: XMLTV

For those with analog devices, or if you want to improve on the digital OTA EPG available in your area, an XMLTV based EPG is the best choice. These type of EPGs commonly have detailed information for each show such as season and episode details, films reviews, director's and cast details, star ratings and genre details.

Note that this type of EPG won't be updated in real time (if a broadcaster changes a start time or swaps a show at short notice your EPG will not list it). An OTA EPG is more likely to keep up with any last minute changes.

There are 2 parts to an XMLTV based EPG:

  • A grabber - The program which downloads data from the internet. There are a number grabbers covering different websites and parts of the world.
  • An XML file - this is where the EPG data is stored, hence XMLTV EPG.

For configuration details and a list of commonly used grabbers see the XMLTV EPG page.

Choice 3: Schedules Direct

Most users in North America use Schedules Direct for their television listings. This is a commercial subscription service provided by This is also usable for TV listings in Central and South America, and a selection of European and Caribbean countries.

For information on configuring NextPVR to use Schedules Direct, see the information at Schedules Direct page.

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