This tab contains general configuration options for NextPVR such as the current Skin and user interface options.

Active Skin

Set the Skin you want to use for NextPVR from the skin list. NextPVR comes with a default skin, additional skins can be downloaded from the Skin Gallery.

Preferred Style

Some skins offer layout options, these are listed here.


Set the language to use

TV Shape

Set to the format of your TV or monitor. It will effect the way NextPVR shows the menus and interface elements. It will also effect how the automatic Aspect Ratio system will handle different video sources as they are played from the Recording, Videos and DVD plugins.

UI Mode

Set the user interface style (10ft and 2ft).


A full Media Centre interface suitable for use with a remote control from the sofa via a (10-foot user interface).

TV Viewer

If you just want to watch TV, selecting this mode will disable all the menus and PVR functionality.

Start in fullscreen mode in windowed mode

Toggle between showing NextPVR in a sizable Window or fullscreen. In fullscreen mode NextPVR will take over the whole screen, displaying on top of the task bar and other programs.

Start on secondary monitor

If you have two displays connected to your PC, for example a monitor and a TV, set this to have NextPVR automatically sent to the TV.

UI Resolution

Set the resolution to use for the user interface elements like the menu, lists, butons and popups.

Enable Animation

Toggles all NextPVR menu animations on/off.

Animations wait for VSync

If set, this will match the frame rate of NextPVR animations with your displays' refresh rate/frequency.

Context Menu on right mouse button

Toggles between the right mouse button showing the NextPVR Context Menu or acting like a Back key. The settings menu can still be accessed by right-clicking on the NextPVR Window's title bar

UI Zoom

NextPVR provides an easy way to manipulate the way it is shown to compensate for things like TV overscan.


Set the zoom factor, negative values make the NextPVR screens 'expand', positive values will 'shrink' it.

Offset X

Set the amount to offset the NextPVR horizontally.

Offset Y

Set the amount to offset the NextPVR vertically.

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