This 'device' can be used to record and watch channels provided by cable companies or ISPs that do IPTV using transport stream based udp multicast.

Just to make things clear, IPTV suport in NextPVR is not really about watching TV over the internet, but rather for use by people that are on networks which provide their television services using IPTV.

Note: IPTV support was removed in NextPVR v2.5.9.

Device Identification

This section allows you to identify the type


The name of the device.


In systems with more than one device of the same type, this number is used to identify the individual device.


Set whether this device is enabled and available for use within NextPVR.


The configured IPTV channels are listed here.


Shows the add IPTV channel dialog.


Shows the import IPTV channel dialog.


Deletes the selected channel.

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