Screen Saver Settings

NextPVR has a built in screen saver which will display after a set period (if NextPVR is not in use). Enabling the screen saver will help prevent burn-in on your monitor or TV.

Screen Saver

Set the screen saver type. Set it to None to turn off the NextPVR screensaver:


Shows a moving portion of the screen

Displays a random slideshow from the configured picture folders.

Displays the fixed screen saver defined by the active Skin.

Shows a blank screen.

Inactive Minutes

Set the required period of inactivity before the screen saver is activated.

Live TV Buffer

Configuration options for Live TV.

Buffer Directory

Set the location to use for the temporary buffer files created when watching Live TV.

TimeShift Mode

Choose if the rolling segments are based on time or the EPG. If it's set to 'EPG based', then pressing 'record' will keep the buffer and add it as a recording.


Miscellaneous configuration options.

Music Library, auto queue all remaining directory files

When selecting an item to play in the music library set whether to play only the selected file, or to play the selected track and all remaining files in the directory .

Music Library, queue new tracks instead of replace

When selecting an item to play in the music library set whether add to the current playlist or start afresh. The stop button clears the playlist.

Update DVB EPG during live TV

If using a digital OTA EPG, set whether NextPVR should updates the listings while watching live TV. This can be helpful if a broadcaster changes a start time or swaps a show at short notice.


Default Activity

Set the default startup function, for example TV Guide, Live TV.

Aspect Ratio

Default Mode

Set the default aspect ratio mode to use.

Fan Artwork

Show video fan art for selected subdirectory

When, for example, browsing a "Movies" directory which has lots of subdirectories each containing a video set whether the fan art changes as you scroll down the list, or only when you enter the subdirectory.

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