This tab contains configuration options for the recordings related features of NextPVR.


Configuration options for the Recordings screen.

Initial Recording List

Set the default recordings list view.

'Whats New' Days

Set the maximum age (in days) of a recording in order for it to appear in the What's New view.

Recording Directories

Configure the locations used to store and archive recorded TV Shows.

Default to recording with the most space available (local paths only)

Commonly referred to as 'spread mode'. To use it, first define your default and additional recording folders.

If enabled, NextPVR will send new recordings to whichever path has the most available space. You can also explicitly send one-off and recurring recordings to paths you define here, and you can use the Archive function to move recordings around.

Tip: if you have a recording location you want to be able to use for specific recordings or archiving, but don't want recordings going there automatically based on disk space, then share the directory in Windows and then define the path in as network location. NextPVR will then ignore it when considering locations based on disk space.

Use out-of-process digital recording

Set whether to use a separate process to manage digital recordings more stable. It is suggested to only disable this feature if recommended by a forum knowledgeable support forum member.

Block shutdown while recording

Set whether shutdown operations should be blocked giving a 'NextPVR is currently recording' message as the status on the Vista and higher 'force close' screen. This does not apply to standby/hibernate operations as Microsoft doesn't support this.

Note that this feature requires NextPVR Tray to be running.

Default Padding

In some areas, the TV Guide and the actual start and finish times of TV shows can differ. These options allow you extend the recording so shows donít get cut off if it starts earlier or finishes later than the published times.

Pre-Padding Mins

The number of minutes to record before the scheduled start of a show.

Post-Padding Mins

The number of minutes to record after the scheduled start of a show.

Recurring Match

Set the way NextPVR will match the titles of the show when processing season recordings.

Match Exact Title will only record the show if the title exactly matches. For example, setting a season recording for "Match of The Day" will not result in "Match of The Day Two" being recorded.

Match Start Of Title will only record the show if the start of the title matches. For example, setting a season recording for "The Best TV Show" will cause "The Best TV Show : Part 2" "The Best TV Show : Part 3" to also be recorded.

Avoid duplicate recordings where possible

Set if NextPVR should not record shows which have previously been recorded. Note that this function requires an EPG which uniquely identifies each show and episode, as of September 2011, only the Schedules Direct EPG source for North America provide this.

Import / Export Recordings

These options allow you to import and export XML files containing recordings information. This can be useful when re-installing NextPVR or even Windows itself.

Import Recordings

Imports recordings from a specified XML file. It is also possible to import a .ts file as a recording it has associated metadata.

Export Recordings

Will export the details of all the recordings held in the NextPVR database to recording-backup.xml and recurring-backup.xml in the data directory.

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