Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the NextPVR forums. Please take a moment to read them before posting.

If you have a question which you think is worth adding to this FAQ, post a request on this forum thread.

I have a problem, what's the best way of getting help on the forum?

The NextPVR forum members are a friendly bunch, here's some tips on writing support posts to keep us that way.. :)

Make your thread title and description useful
It's really pointless to post just a message saying NextPVR is broke!!. At least if you're going to post that, say that NextPVR is broke in Live TV, or in Music Library. Try and give some indication in the title of what you were doing when the error occurred.

Make sure your description gives as much information as you can about the problem, otherwise people are likely to ignore your question. At the very least the reply will just be for more information which delays things.

Zip and attach your logs
These are very helpful. Use Winzip or equivalent to compress the logs folder then when writing your forum post click "Go advanced" and then you can attach files with the "Manage Attachments" button.

Object Reference not set to an instance of an object
This is probably the most common error. It's a general Microsoft .NET runtime error which can be caused by lots of different things. The most useful thing you can do is zip and attach your logs with a description of what you where doing at the time (see above).

Give details of your system including NextPVR's version number
Give the version number of the NextPVR you are running (v2.1.5, v2.3.6 etc). Other useful information is the version of Windows (XP, Vista 64bit, 7 Premium etc).

Include your location in the post or Forum profile
We don't need your full address, just a country is usually enough. This is useful to determine what kind of TV and EPG sources you have access to.

One of the biggest problems results from plugins. Try removing them to a subdirectory and see if your problems still exist. Also what might be helpful is to mention all of the plugins that you are running (with versions if known). This will certainly help any of the plugin developers if they see the thread.

Report back if it's solved
There are some support request where it's not clear if the problem is solved or still open. Everybody who is using the search for specific problems they have would want to know what to do and what solved the issues. A short post like "changed that, now problems are solved" is great. If you have done nothing (like only rebooted or restarted service) but the issues have stopped, that's helpfull information too if it solved your issues.

Where do I find the log files?

The logs files can be found in the NextPVR data directory in the subfolder Logs. See this 'Quick Start' page for details.

How can I reorder the items in the main menu of NextPVR?

You can do this by editing the <MenuLayout> section of config.xml with Notepad. See the Advanced Configuration page for details.

How can I set my PC to automatically turn off between recordings?

Going to sleep is controlled by Windows as long as your hardware supports it. Look for "sleep after X minutes" setting in the Power management control panel. This link should help if you're using Windows 7.

NextPVR will wake up the PC from sleep (or hibernation) when it's time to record.

Where can I find the latest patches for NextPVR?

See the sticky at the top of the support forum.

How is NextPVR recording multiple channels when I only have one tuner!?

It's not a miracle, it's a NextPVR feature called 'multi record' which allows digital tuners to record multiple shows which are all on a single source mux/frequency.

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