Refer to this handy glossary for any unfamiliar terms and abbreviations you may encounter on this wiki or on the support forums.



Term Definition
AC3 Advanced Codec 3: Audio Codec, typically in DVD/DVB Mpeg and BDA sources. (See Codec, DVB, BDA.)
Analogue Tuner Device Computer card that connects to an externally fed analogue source for its signal. As the name suggests the actual tuning of channels is done by the computer card.
ATSC Digital signal type used by North American over the air (OTA) broadcasters. (See OTA.)
*.ax Directshow filter file, (can be an audio or video decoder). Use command window to; register: Regsvr32 [filtername].ax. To unregister: Regsvr32 /u [filtername].ax. (See Directshow, Filter, Codec, Mux, demux.)


Term Definition
BDA Broadcast Driver Architecture. A Microsoft standard for digital audio & video capture on Windows Operating Systems.
BDA Multiplexer Multiplexer (Mux) used with BDA Capture Device when recording. (See BDA, Capture Device, Mux.)
Beanbag Part of IR Blaster set up. (See IR Blaster.)
Blaster See IR Blaster.


Term Definition
CAM Conditional Access Module. A smart card that enables viewing of conditional access content. Decrypts a transmission that has been encrypted. Normally used with DVB-S, though DVB-T suppliers may also use CAM's. Inserts into CI slot. (See SoftCAM, DVB-S, DVB-T, CI.)
Capture Card Computer card responsible for capturing audio and/or video from a source.
Capture Device See Capture Card.
CI Common Interface. A defined standard enabling the addition of a CAM into a DVB Receiver or Capture Device providing adaptability to different kinds of cryptography. The bit you see is a slot. (See CAM, DVB, Capture Device.)
Client Communicates over a network to a NextPVR server - Can be a PC running NextPVR or a Thin Client. (See NextPVR, Thin Client.)
Codec enCOder or DECoder. In NextPVR's case, directshow filters. (See Directshow, Filter.)
Comcast Digital cable provider in the US.
Comcut Utility that cuts commercials out of a file based on comskip cut points.
Comskip A utility for marking commercials in recordings for skipping during playback.
Config.xml NextPVR configuration settings file. See Advanced Configuration!
CPU Central Processing Unit. Main processor of the computer.


Term Definition
De/Interlacing Method of combining 2 fields of a video signal into one frame of video for a complete picture. Best when processing is handled by the GPU on a video card. (See GPU.)
Demux De-Multiplexer. Splits av files into separate audio and video streams. Also called a splitter. Opposite of a Mux. (See Mux.)
Digital Tuner Device Computer tuner card that connects to an external digital source for its signal. As the name suggests the actual tuning of channels is done by the computer card.
Direct3D Part of Microsoft DirectX. Allows applications to run fullscreen instead of embedded in a window. Uses hardware acceleration if it is available on a video card's GPU, allowing for full or partial 3D rendering on the GPU. (See DirectX, GPU.)
Directshow Part of Microsoft DirectX. A framework for playing media files in Windows Operating Systems using chains of filters called graphs, allows acceleration of media. (See DirectX, Filters, Graphs.)
DirectX Microsoft framework for handling tasks related to multimedia, accessing hardware directly.
DiSEqC Digital Satellite Equipment Control. A communication protocol commonly used to control switches and motors in a DVB-S set up. Controls devices such as a multi-dish switch or a small dish antenna rotor. Relies on the coaxial cable to transmit both bi-directional data, signals and power. (See DVB-S.)
Dongle Effectively the software that runs on an MVP. dongle.bin is the original software written by Hauppauge and is installed natively by NextPVR. For an alternative dongle.bin check out mvpmc. mvpmc is an open-source software alternative to the software provided by Hauppauge for the MVP which adds many enhanced features. One of these features is a client for NextPVR in, (Emulation Mode). It works very well with NextPVR. (See MVP, MVPMC
dongle.bin (See dongle.)
DVB Digital Video Broadcast. Via Terrestrial transmitter = DVB-T, Satellite = DVB-S, or Cable = DVB-C.
DVR-MS A Microsoft file format Standard for recording Video to a PC.
DXVA Direct-X Video Acceleration'. DXVA1 in XP, DXVA1&2 in Vista/Windows 7. Offloads decoding to GPU. (See GPU.)


Term Definition
EPG Electronic Programme Guide. Can be 'streamed' live to your NextPVR HTPC set-up as part of a DVB signal, or downloaded from a web service as an XML EPG to a file in .xml format. (See HTPC, DVB, XML EPG.)
EWA Enhanced Web Admin. HTTP remote (Web) interface to your NextPVR PC server at home, includes streaming of media. It is actually very cool and makes NextPVR even more brilliant!


Term Definition
Filter 'Direct Show' filter, part of Microsoft DirectX media framework. Combined in graphs handle media content delivery. (See Direct Show, DirectX, Graph.)
Focus Focus indicates the component of the graphical user interface which is currently selected to receive input. Text entered at the keyboard or pasted from a clipboard is sent to the component which currently has the focus.
FSE Full Screen Exclusive in VMR mode, takes complete control over video screen, not allowing other things to be displayed.


Term Definition
GB-PVR/GBPVR/PVRX2 GB-PVR was the precursor to NextPVR. PVRX2.exe is the name of the executable.
GPU Graphics Processing Unit. Video card's onboard processor. Can offload 3D graphics rendering and video playback from the CPU. (See CPU.)
Graph(s) {more info needed?}
GUI Graphical User Interface, what you see when you open NextPVR.


Term Definition
H.264 Advanced compression codec, requires hardware assistance for realtime encoding/decoding. Mostly used for HD (High Definition) and BluRay.
HD High Definition. One of several video resolutions including 720p and 1080i.
HTPC Home Theatre (or Theater!) PC. What your PC becomes when you install NextPVR!


Term Definition
IR Blaster Infra Red Blaster. Used with 3rd party utilities by NextPVR to change channels on an STB.


Term Definition
LNB Low Noise Block converter, converts a whole range of frequencies to another range. Fitted to a Satellite Dish.
Log Files Used for troubleshooting NextPVR Software. See Log files.


Term Definition
MCE Windows Media Center Edition.
Mobo Motherboard on a PC.
Mpeg Moving Picture Experts Group video standard. A digital audio/video compression format. Usually refers to MPEG1 video, but can also include MPEG2 and MPEG4.
Multidec {more info needed?}
Multi Record Recording more than 1 show from a single source mux/frequency. Allows recording multiple shows at once from single tuner devices.
Mux Multiplexer. Used to combine audio and video streams into a single file or stream.
MVP A thin client product by Hauppauge. Takes its name from 'Music' 'Video' 'Pictures'.
MVP & NMT Thin clients that are capable of communicating over a network to a NextPVR server.
MVPMC mvpmc is an open-source software alternative to the software provided by Hauppauge for the MVP which adds many enhanced features. One of these features is a client for NextPVR (in aka Emulation Mode).
MVPMCX2 mvpmcx2 is a software client for NextPVR that runs on the Syabas NMT platform (Popcorn Hour, EGreat, HDX etc)


Term Definition
NAS Network Attached Storage. Storage [hard drives] attached directly to network without need for pc host.
NPVR/nPVR/N-PVR Short for NextPVR.
NIC Network Interface Card. Wired or Wireless. Enables Network Communication. Most commonly these days built into Motherboard.
NMT Networked Media Tank, a thin client. Popcorn Hour (PCH) being the most widely used by NextPVR users.


Term Definition
OSD On Screen Display. {more info needed?}
OTA Over The Air. Signals broadcast wirelessly to antennas


Term Definition
Plugins Addons that add functionality to NextPVR, usually running within the interface. Examples:Weather, WebRadio, MusicBox4.
PCH Popcorn Hour. An NMT device.
PRTFM Please Read The Flaming Manual.


Term Definition
QAM Quadratic Amplitude Modulation. Used as a carrier signal for digital cable broadcasts.


Term Definition
recording-dump.XML Backup of stored recordings info. Also, recording-dump.x for previous backups. {describe recording-dump.x backup?}
Renderer Last filter in chain responsible for sending video directly to display


Term Definition
SAF Stand Alone Filters. {more info needed?}
SD Standard Definition. Video set to the resolution of older standards such as NTSC or PAL
Skin The images and layout that make up the look of the GUI, stored in the data directory.
SoftCAM {more info needed?}
Splitter (See Demux)
STB Set Top Box. An external tuner box supplied by a DVB-C, DVB-S or DVB-T provider.


Term Definition
Thin client Limited capability computer used as a client over network, such as MVP, NMT or low-end PC.
*.TS or *.ts Transport Stream file. Can contain multiple audio and video programs. Video can be H.264, VC1, or MPEG2. Audio can be in a variety of formats.
Tuner (Device) See Analogue and Digital Tuner Devices.


Term Definition
UAC User Account Control. In Windows Operating System since Vista. {more info needed?}
UI User Interface. See GUI.
Utilities External addons and tools that enhance NextPVR functionality and adaptability.


Term Definition
VMC Windows Vista Media Center.
VMR Video Mixing Renderer. Allows for mixing of video sources: for example video file + OSD, both displayable at the same time.


Term Definition
XML EPG Download of Television and/or Radio listings from an internet source into .xml file format, displayable by NextPVR through the GUI.


Term Definition
7Zip and .7z Alternative file compression and decompression utility from A file with a .7z extension uses 7zip compression.

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