MCE Remotes

NextPVR reads keypresses and MCE remote commands by default. The file keymappings.xml in the NextPVR data directory lists and defines the keys. Also see the Keyboard Reference.

For more advanced configurations using an MCE remote you may wish to disable NPVR's built in MCE remote support.

Hauppauge 45 Button Remote

This remote is usually supplied with Hauppauge devices. There is a guide to using it with NPVR here:

Advanced Remote Configurations

With slightly more effort you can use different remotes, operate NPVR when other program windows have focus, or control multiple applications with your remote. The programs used for this can also be used to control set top boxes and execute commands on various events.

Programs used for this include:

Some guides for controlling NPVR directly without needing it to have focus can be found (along with some ready made downloadable configurations) here:

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