A tuner card or similar video capture device is required to watch and record TV shows in NextPVR.

Supported Tuner Cards

If you are looking to buy a card for use with NextPVR we would recommend a Hauppauge card as these are widely used here and so well supported by the software and it's developers.

If you're considering alternative brands, it's recommend to search the forums for comments of success/failure from other users with the same device.


The majority of DVB/ATSC digital cards that come with BDA drivers can be used with NextPVR.


Some analog cards can be used with NextPVR (install SoftPVR and follow the Adding an Analog Device walkthrough if required).

Unsupported Tuner Cards

None specifically known at this time. Please post on the forums if you are having problems with a particular card.

Page last modified on February 12, 2012, at 03:06 AM