NextPVR may be invoked with any of the following command line options:

Ensures the NextPVR window will always be on top of other windows.

Updates the EPG as NextPVR starts.

Deletes all EPG data as NextPVR starts.

Updates the EPG, NextPVR is not started.

Deletes all EPG data, NextPVR is not started.

Re-schedules recurring programs using current EPG data, not a new download.

Deletes all data in the recordings and configuration (including device setup) database.

Delete all genre data and rebuild the genre list at the next EPG update.

Ensure all the database changes have been applied.

-import c:\example.xml
Imports recordings from the given file.

Exports recordings to recording-backup.xml and recurring-backup.xml files in the data directory

Allows a second instance of NextPVR to be launched.

Reset the recurring recording history.

Causes the recording service to reload it's list from the database.

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