The Live TV menu option allows you to watch TV as it is broadcast, just like a regular TV. Unlike a TV you can also pause and record TV shows and even skip commercials with the right configuration.

Pausing Live TV

Just like many set-top boxes and DVRs NextPVR is able to "pause" live TV. If, for example, the telephone rings while you are watching a program you can press Pause to freeze the picture and start recording the show in the background. Press Play to start watching the show from where you left off. Changing the channel or pressing stop will cancel time-shift playback.

Watching Live TV While Recording (and Multi-Record)

Your ability to watch one show while recording another is obviously determined by the number and type of capture cards you have installed. NextPVR supports Multi-Record on certain types of digital sources. This can allow you to watch/record more than 1 show from a single source mux/frequency and so allows recording multiple shows at once from single tuner devices.

You can always watch a currently recording program from the Recordings screen.

Picture In Picture (PIP)

NextPVR supports PIP mode on the PC. You can either use the context menu, or using the * and # keys on the MCE remote. You can press 123-* to open PIP on channel 123. You can press 124-* to change the PIP window to channel 124. You can press # to swap windows. You can press * by itself to close the PIP window.

Now and Next Popup

Allows easy browsing of what's on Now and Next on other channels. Use Up/Down/Enter to browse and select channels to watch.

Remote Control and Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Keyboard Remote Control
Channel + +
Channel - -
Up Channel (Now and Next Popup) Up arrow
Down Channel (Now and Next Popup) Down arrow
Watch Channel (Now and Next Popup) Enter OK
Enable Subtitles (Closed Caption) Ctrl-X
Previous Channel Ctrl-W
Record current show Ctrl-K Record button
Resume Playback (if previously paused) Ctrl-P PLAY button
Stop Live TV and return to menu Ctrl-S STOP button
Pause Live TV Ctrl-Q PAUSE button
Fast-forward (if previously paused) Ctrl-F FF button (>>)
Rewind (if previously paused) Ctrl-R REWIND button (<<)
Skip forward (60 s by default)* Ctrl-[Right Arrow] SKIP button (>|)
Skip back (30 s by default)* Ctrl-[Left Arrow] REPLAY button (|<)
Skip forward xx minutes/seconds* number of minutes/seconds + Ctrl-[Left Arrow] number of minutes/seconds + SKIP button
Skip forward (60 s by default)* [Right Arrow] Right button
Skip back (30 s by default)* [Left Arrow] Left button
Show info bar and timeline Ctrl-B Info button
Show EPG Overlay F1
Toggle aspect ratio F7
Toggle PIP display Shift-8 *
Swap PIP channel with main channel Shift-3 #
Change PIP channel (eg, open PIP on channel 123) 123, Shift-8 123, *
Toggle PIP position Shift-4 $
Toggle PIP size Shift-5 %
Channel Resolution and Signal Info etc Ctrl-I

Note: The FF/RW behaviour configuration option has an effect on these which of these operation is performed for these the FF/RW/Left/Right keys.

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