This screen allows you to watch and manage your recordings.


The following buttons are available on the hidden menu bar.


Returns to the Main Menu.


Cycles between the available sort modes:

  • A-Z
  • Z-A
  • Date
  • Date Descending


Shows the Manual Record popup.


Removes the Unique_ID from the selected recording, causing the scheduler to treat it as if it never occurred. If a recording doesn't capture the right program and you want NextPVR to record another showing, use this option before deleting the failed recording.


Ready Recordings

Lists all shows that have been recorded and are ready to watch.

What's New

Lists all shows that have recently been recorded.

Pending Recordings

Lists all shows that are scheduled to be recorded.

Recurring Recordings

The list of recurring programs that will record. Recurring recordings will be assigned a priority based on the order of your list with the highest priority going to the programme listed at the top. You can change this priority by using the up\down keys to highlight the programme that you want to give more or less priority to and then use the skip\replay buttons to move the programme up or down the list.


A list of conflicting recordings - if there are any.

The Recording Details Popup

Selecting a recording will bring up the Recording Details popup. Depending on the type and status of the recording a number of the following buttons will be available.


Closes the popup and returns to the Recordings screen.


Play the selected recording. Only shown if there is an associated video file.


If you have previously started watching the selected recording, this allows you to start playback from where you left it.


Removes the Resume flag.


Allows you to edit the selected scheduled recording, to add padding to a late running programme for example. Only shown if the recording is pending or in progress.


Removes the recording from the list and deletes any associated video files.


Cancels the pending or recurring recording.

Finds All

Displays a list of all similar shows.


Shows the Archive Recording Popup. Only shown if multiple recording directories are configured.

Types of Recordings

There are a number of recordings types, from one-off recordings to full season record:

  • Record Once: a one-off recording.
  • Record Daily: record a show on any day of the week at the set time.
  • Record Weekly: record a show on the set day of the week at the set time.
  • Record Week Days (Monday-Friday): record a show on any weekday (excludes Saturday and Sunday) at the set time.
  • Record Weekends (Saturday, Sunday): record a show on a Saturday or Sunday at the set time.
  • Record Season (NEW episodes on this channel): records all shows on this channel which are marked as 'new' (requires a supported EPG).

The Manual Record Popup

Accessed from the hidden menu bar, this popup allows you schedule a recording without using the TV Guide, as well as offering advanced conditional record options.

There are a number of configuration options:

Recording Type

Set the on-off or season record type.


Set the channel which is to be recorded.


Set the name format of the files created by the recording.


Set the date on which to record.

Start Time

Set the time at which to start the recording.

End Time

Set the time at which to end the recording.


Set the number of minutes to pre-pad the recording (extra minutes to add on to the recording before the set start time).


Set the number of minutes to post-pad the recording (extra minutes to add on to the recording after the set end time).


Set the number of recordings to keep (when season recording).


Set the location to save the recording. Only shown if multiple recording directories are configured.

Advanced Rules

Set an optional advanced rules. These conditional statements can be fairly complex but powerful and allow you to record all shows that have the word "gadget" in the title for example.

If an advanced rule is specified the Start and End times set are ignored.

Show Art

The Recordings screen can display TV Show Art or images. See the Channel Logos page for configuration details and suggestions on where to find the images.

Recording Flags

The coloured keys on the remote can be used to toggle flags on each recording. This can be be used (for example) by multi-user households to flag a recording as having been watched by certain members of the family.

Archive Recording Popup

Provides options to move the selected recording to a 'archive' location. This can be a different folder or even a different drive or network share. The directories used for recordings are configured on the Recordings tab of the settings dialog.

Remote Control and Keyboard Shortcuts

While in Recordings menu

Action Keyboard Remote Control
Play selected recording Ctrl-P PLAY button
Toggle sort mode Ctrl-S
Show (hidden) menu bar Home Info
Jump to 0-90 percent of the way through the list 0-9 0-9
Toggle red recording flag Alt-R Red button
Toggle green recording flag Alt-G Green button
Toggle yellow recording flag Alt-Y Yellow button
Toggle blue recording flag Alt-B Blue button

While playing a recording

Action Keyboard Remote Control
Play recording (from where left off) Ctrl-P PLAY button
Stop recording and return to menu Ctrl-S STOP button
Pause recording Ctrl-Q PAUSE button
Fast-forward recording Ctrl-F FF button (>>)
Rewind recording Ctrl-R REWIND button (<<)
Skip forward (60 s by default)1 Ctrl-[Right Arrow] SKIP button (>|)
Skip back (30 s by default)2 Ctrl-[Left Arrow] REPLAY button (|<)
Skip forward xx minutes/seconds3 number of minutes/seconds + Ctrl-[Left Arrow] number of minutes/seconds + SKIP button
Show info bar and timeline Ctrl-B Info button
Show EPG Overlay F1
Toggle aspect ratio4 F7

1. Default forward skip size is defined in the "Playback" section of config.xml file.
2. Default back skip size is defined in the "Playback" section of config.xml file.
3. The units (minutes/seconds) which the video is skipped by is configured in the "Playback" section of config.xml file.
4. Auto, Fill, Remove LetterBox, PillarBox.

Additional Notes

There are many places from which you can schedule a recording.
You can record shows from the TV Guide, from the search plugin, from the Web Administration or a number of third party plugins.

Recurring recordings
To cancel any recurring recordings this must be done from the recurring screen.

How to cancel season recordings
When you cancel a specific episode that is part of a series of recurring recordings from the TV Guide, it is only cancelling the specific episode, not the entire season. It remembers if you have deleted individual episodes of a season recording so that they don't get rescheduled automatically each night when it updates the EPG. Otherwise, you would have to cancel a specific episode every day until the time has passed. In order to reset a cancelled show that is part of the series of recurring recordings, you would need to update the series from the recordings menu.

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