NextPVR provides an on-screen TV guide for selecting shows to watch or record. Before you are able to view programme details in the guide you will need to populate the listings by configuring your EPG source(s).

Using the TV Guide

You can move around the TV Guide grid using the mouse and keyboard, or your remote control. Details for the currently highlighted show are shown below the guide grid.

Watching a Programme

Use the Show Details Popup or press Ctrl-P / Play button to watch the selected show.

Recording a Programme

Use the Show Details Popup or press Ctrl-K / Record button to schedule the selected show for recording with the default options.

Colours Coding

  • Green is used for the currently selected show.
  • Red is used to indicate the show is scheduled to record.
  • Grey is used to indicate the shows is currently broadcasting.


The following buttons are available on the hidden menu bar.


Returns to the Main Menu.


Select a channel group to filter the channels shown in the guide.


Shows the Manual Record popup.

The Show Details Popup

Selecting a show will bring up the Show Details popup.


Closes the popup and returns to the TV Guide.

Quick Record

Schedules the selected show for recording with the default options.


Schedules the selected show or series for recording with custom options.


Starts Live TV playback of the selected show's channel.


For digital radio channels, this will start playback of the selected show, but audio only.

Channel Logos

Depending on the skin you are using the TV Guide can show Channel Logos. See the Channel Logos page for configuration details and suggestions on where to find the logo images.

Note that the default skin does not show channel logos when NextPVR is configured for a 4x3 screen.

Remote Control and Keyboard Shortcuts

It's worth remembering some of the keyboard shortcuts or remote control mappings listed here. They allow you to browse the TV Guide more efficiently and be able to quickly watch or a record a show without using the Show details popup.

Action Keyboard Remote Control
Play selected show Ctrl-P PLAY button
Record selected show Ctrl-K Record button
Show Groups popup Alt-G Green button
Show (hidden) menu bar Home Info
Forward 24 hours Ctrl-[Right-Arrow] SKIP (>|)
Back 24 hours Ctrl-[Left-Arrow] REPLAY (|<)

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