Web Radio is a Plugin for NPVR that will play most Web Radio Stations and DVB Radio found during the NPVR tuner setup process.

The Web Radio AddOns Pack comes with Country Flags and Logos, but on large High Definition Screens, they are a bit lacking in definition. These 2 packs replaces them with High Definition images.

Web Radio Media

Country Flags

This is a set of world flags, size 256x256 pixels. Mostly from a set by customicondesigns, (Free for non commercial use) they have been updated against the worldflag.net database and sorted to work with Recieva and the other Web radio providers' Browse by Country lists.

Download:CountryFlags.7z (4.0Mb)(v1.0) (679 downloads)

Web Radio Logos

This is a set of Logos as used by the Web Radio Plug in. The main Logos have a size of 350x258 pixels making them ideal for use on large screen 1080p displays. Stream Logos etc. are 256x256 pixels.

Download:WebRadioLogos.7z (7.8Mb)(v1.0) (711 downloads)


After Installing the WebRadio Plugin and the WebRadio AddOns Pack:

Extract the 2 Folders from the 2 downloads to the your Data Directory\NPVR\Media\ folder

Overwriting the files that are there already. (you may wish to make a backup first)


This logo pack is discussed in the HD-Logos-for-the-NPVR-WebRadio-Plugin thread.


Lao Pan

Images may be subject to copyright.


07 February 2014 v1.0

  • First release on the Wiki


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