For details on AudioAdjust, please see the following forum thread:

Downloading and Installing

Download: (11 KB, 1346 downloads)

To install, simply extract the zip's contents into NextPVR's Data Directory.


To use it, copy/paste - and edit - the following into the PluginSettings section of config.xml:



    <Renderer>HDMI HD Audio Output</Renderer>
    <Renderer>SPDIF Digital Output</Renderer>


You need to provide a list of renderers that you want to toggle through. I've just made up the ones above, but any you include must match the names listed by NPVR when you look at the Decoders tab in Settings. If you're not sure, set it using the GUI, then look at what was written in /Settings/Renderers/AudioRenderer in config.xml - that's the text you want.

To do the actual toggling, make sure a video is playing, then press F4 (the music hotkey). Obviously, restart the video to have the change take effect.


For help, discussion, or reporting any issues with this plugin, please use the 3rd Party Plugins area of the NextPVR forum.


To uninstall the plugin, simply remove the AudioAdjust folder from \Plugins. You can temporarily disable the plugin by renaming \Plugins\AudioAdjust to \Plugins\_AudioAdjust (adding the underscore).


Developed by imilne. The source code for the AudioAdjust plugin is available upon request.


2013-10-11 : v3.13.10.11

  • Updated for NextPVR 3 (and .NET 4) compatibility

2011-07-16 : v2.11.07.16

  • Initial public release


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