Network Tuner plugin for NextPVR. Allows you to use network tuners designed for SageTV and also remote NextPVR installations.


The latest version of the NetworkRecorder plugin is v0.0.

Download:NetworkRecorder.7z (4791 downloads)

Download:NetTarget.7z (2315 downloads)

Supported network tuners

SageGraphRecorderFirewire tuning and other local or remote Direct Show Graphs not supported by NextPVR. Note your graph must be able to create a .ts
SageDCTCeton InfiniTV, also Hauppauge and HDHR Prime CableCard
SageMCTunerAny tuner supported by Windows Media
r5000 devicesr5000
Another instance of NextPVRConnect to a second copy NextPVR running on your network. 


This plugin requires at minimum NextPVR v2.2.4.

Step-by-Step Installation

User dljones8053 submitted this guide for installation of the HDHR Prime with NetworkRecorder including some useful screenshots of how to setup SageDCT. NextPVR has NATIVE support for the Prime now, but these instructions should work for any device supported bt SageDCT such as the Ceton Infinity

Download:How_to_get_HDHomeRun_Prime_to_work_on_NextPVR.pdf (8159 downloads)


No installer, just extract and copy the dll into Plugins\NetworkRecorder under the NextPVR data directory.

  1. Make a backup copy of npvr.db3 in case you need to start from scratch.
  2. Stop the NextPVR Recording Service.
  3. Copy NetworkRecorder.xml (as configured below) into the Plugins\NetworkRecorder folder.
  4. Start NextPVR and add the device.
  5. Exit NextPVR (optional).
  6. Restart the NextPVR Recording Service.


Edit the NetworkRecorder.xml file, add one <NetworkRecorder> block per device. If you modify the xml file you will need to restart the NextPVR Recording Service for the changes to take place.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <FriendlyName>Graph Recorder</FriendlyName>


The following options can be added in NetworkRecorder.xml

Keep the socket to the network encoder open while recording (use with r5000 devices)

Use NextPVR style live tv file (ie, uses NextPVR TS Writer in the graph).

0 - Standard MPEG2
1 - h264 video
2 - h264 video if channel name ends with "HD" ie. CNNHD

Replace text "before" in source with "after" in destination filenames. Example <RecordingsReplace>C:\Recordings?\\\MyRecordings</RecordingsReplace>

Create Recordings from another NextPVR setup on your local network.

Use http streaming for NetTarget

If you copy an existing entry in an existing NetworkRecord.xml file DO NOT copy the id= or instance= portions.

Adding Channels

Channels can either be added manually one at a time or you can import a list from Schedules Direct or an XMLTV files. - Right click the Import Menu to Select/Deselect All

It is best to configure all the channels for one NetworkRecorder first. Then when you edit the next recorder you will be able to copy the channels onto the second tuner

Once the channels are added configure the visual channel in the Channel Windows of config. Use the Bulk Map feature to merge same-named channels.


This plugin is discussed in the Plugin & Skin support forum.


Remove folder Plugins\NetworkRecorder. Note that old tuners are not removed by NextPVR.


  • Create installer.
  • Create settings dialog to configure XML file.


Developed by mvallevand.


v0.1 16 Sept 2011

  • changes for http streaming
  • added NetTarget support

v0.0 (29 August 2011)

  • Initial public beta release

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