This plugin allows you to find/browse photos and (home) videos by Keywords, Dates, and/or Ratings. It includes a slideshow that handles mixed photos and videos.

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the PhotoFilter plugin is v1.1. (1095 downloads)

*Memory Issues

Note that there seems to be a serious memory leak in the "Windows API Codepack for .NET" (what the plugin uses to interact with the Windows shell) that really manifests itself with the new calendar selection feature that I just added in v1.1. You may notice NPVR consuming a lot of memory after using this plugin for a while forcing you to restart NPVR. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a release of the Windows API Code Pack in 2 years so I don't think this will be fixed by Microsoft and therefore I won't be able to fix it in the plugin.


The Windows 7 libraries/shell are utilized (Vista might work also but I'm not able to test). If your favorite image management program writes keywords and ratings to the files themselves as IPTC or XMP data then you should be able to see them via the plugin. I currently use Windows Live Photo Gallery which even writes metadata (including keywords) to some video file types. Nested keywords are handled with the convention of a forward slash ('/') separating the levels.


  1. Unzip the downloaded file to your NextPVR data directory.
  2. Start NPVR, right-click, and select 'Settings'.
  3. Choose 'Plugins' on the left and enable/check 'PhotoFilter' in the list.
  4. Choose '- PhotoFilter' on the left and click 'Manage Pictures Library...'.
  5. Make sure all your Photos directories are added to the Windows Library (do likewise for Videos if necessary).
  6. Choose Ok, restart NPVR, and choose PhotoFilter in the main menu.
  7. Create a Filter by selecting some Keywords, Dates, and/or Ratings to view.

Using the Plugin

Slideshow Control

  • ENTER/SELECT: shows popup for start/stop and shuffle
  • LEFT: shows previous file
  • RIGHT: shows next file
  • HOME/INFO: toggles captions


Edit Filter

Calendar Popup


This plugin is discussed in the PhotoFilter thread in the Add-ons support forum.


Delete the \Plugins\PhotoFilter and \Skin\Default\PhotoFilter directories found under your NextPVR data directory.


Developed by cncb.


v1.1 (10 August 2012)

  • Photos are automatically rotated based on Orientation metadata
  • Can save and load filters
  • Calendar popup to select a year or specific month
  • Can add/modify preset dates ("last number of days" entries)
  • Background threads used so that there is indication something is loading

v1.0 (5 October 2011)

  • Initial public release


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