NextPVR includes a range of default plugins, a number of users have created their own plugins and made them available on this site.

Plugin Gallery

 AudioAdjust - Provides the ability to toggle between multiple audio outputs (eg SPDIF and HDMI) while NextPVR is running.
 AutoRefresh - Matches your monitor's refresh rate with the content rate of whatever media is playing.
 BlurayPlayer - Play Bluray movies with HDMV/Java menu support.
 Files - Runs external commands with a selected file/directory as an argument, moves a file/directory to predefined locations and updates the NPVR database accordingly.
 Movies -
 MovieTrailers - Allows you to watch a selection of trailers for new and upcoming movies
 MusicBox4 - A database based music and jukebox player for NextPVR
 MusicMonkey - Browse and play back your local music collection using MediaMonkey.
 NetworkRecorder - Tuner Plugin for NextPVR
 PhotoFilter - Find/browse photos and (home) videos by Keywords, Dates, and/or Ratings.
 Programs - Allows you to launch emulators / utilities / applications and Windows games from within NextPVR.
 ReClockOrNot - Allows ReClock to work with NPVR, by disabling it during Live TV and Recordings where it would ordinarily be incompatible with the multiple audio codecs in use simultaneously.
 RSSReader - Allows you to read RSS feeds and download and display a set of predefined web pages.
 SearchLite - A search plugin which uses the NEWA search engine to search and also queries and to get television and movie program information and artwork.
 SSPlus - More than just a replacement for the default screensaver. It provides a range of user selectable Views from a simple logo to detailed Now Playing information including Album Art and tag information. While music is playing it can display fullscreen Fanart/Backgrounds from the users own collection. It has a Photo Slideshow facility based on user defined Collections (albums) featuring a comprehensive navigation system
 SubMenu - A main menu replacement plugin which adds the ability to define sub menus and customize the name and/or image of any menu entry.
 System - Provides a system overview of recordings, connected drives (including network drives), active tuners, basic hardware monitoring, and power related options.
 TVListings - A replacement for the built-in TV Guide and Recordings plugins with lots of extra features.
 Universe - UPnP client plugin for NextPVR
 VolumeOSD - Adds an on-screen volume display which appears only when you change the volume while playing video.
 Weather - Shows the current weather conditions and forecast. Including radar maps and satellite imagery for some areas
 WebRadio - Allows you to play Web Radio streams. A variety of formats are supported, as is streaming to the PopCorn Hour and Hauppauge MVP devices.
 YouTube - Watch YouTube videos with NextPVR 3.x

Unsupported Plugins

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