This plugin allows you to launch emulators, utilities, applications and Windows games from within NextPVR.

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the Programs plugin is v1.3. To install, extract the zip file into your NextPVR data directory. (2136 downloads)


Launch Programs
Create a new directory on your computer and add a standard Windows shortcut to it for each program you want to launch. Specify this directory and a category name to group them under.

Launch Programs (with a file)
Allows you to open files with an associated program.

  • Name: The name you wish to display for this program.
  • Executable: The program's executable, eg C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe.
  • Arguments: The command line arguments needed to launch a file in the executable program, eg "%file%" where %file% will be replaced by the actual file name and path (for 90% of programs, you MUST include quotes around %file%, ie "%file%" NOT %file%.
  • Extensions: The file extensions which can be opened with the program and so be visible in the plugin when browsing, eg "txt|bat|xml".
  • Files: The path where you store the files that can be launched by this program.
  • Category: The category name to group this program under.

Default Category
Choose the default category to show when the plugin is first activated.

Item Thumbnail Images

  • If an image of the same name is found in the directory for either the file, program executable or shortcut, that image will be displayed.
  • eg for C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe, if the image C:\WINDOWS\notepad.jpg is found, it will be displayed.
  • or for a shortcut D:\data\todo.lnk[^.lnk is the standard Windows shortcut extension, but Windows ALWAYS hides this extension from the user, so the file "D:\data\todo.lnk" will just appear as "D:\data\todo" ^] , if the image D:\data\todo.jpg is found, it will be displayed.
  • Supported extensions are: jpeg, jpg, gif and png.

Using the Plugin

Very similar to the other plugins, browse the items and press Enter to launch a game or application. Note that it will be launched in its own window so it may not be visible when running NextPVR is using certain render modes. It will never be visible on MVP or NMT devices.

Recommended Emulators

Arcade MachinesMAMEmame.exe"%file%"zip
Arcade MachinesZetaMAME32ZetaMAME32en.exe"%file%"zip
Super NinetendoZSNESzsnes.exe"%file%"smc
NinetendoFCE Ultrafceu.exe"%file%"nes|zip
Sega GenesisGens32gens32.exe"%ROM%"bin|md|mgd|smd
Ninetendo 64Project 64pj64.exe%file%rom|v64|z64
Old LucasArts RPGsScummVMscumm.exe-f "%file%"zip

These emulators all support command-line operation (so can work with the plugin), and the majority handle overscan which is commonly required in an HTPC environment. If you know of an emulator that should be added to the list then let us know by posting in the plugins support forum.

This site has some greate images for game systems and their games.


This plugin is discussed in the Add-ons support forum.


To uninstall, simply delete the \Plugins\ProgramsPlugin and \Skin\Default\ProgramsPlugin directories found under your NextPVR data directory.

Source Code

PM McBainUK via the forums if you want the source code.


  • Publish to Google Code Project.


Developed by McBainUK.


v1.3 (17 December 2012)

  • Fixed a bug which caused the files to be incorrectly sorted if the list contained different types of files.
  • Fixed a bug in the Settings screen which made the "Launch Programs (with a file)" list uneditable.

v1.2 (1 December 2011)

  • Added support for double clicking a program or file to launch it. ref

v1.1 (1 February 2010)

  • Fixed a problem with using inside quotes. ref
  • Skin update to support NextPVR 1.5.36+. ref

v1.0 (1 December 2010)

  • Initial public release.


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