NextPVR uses transport stream files (.ts) for its Live TV and recordings. If more than one audio codec is selected in the Decoders Settings tab, perhaps because you have some TV channels with MPEG audio and others with AC3 audio, then ReClock will no longer function correctly. This is because it can only work with one audio decoder at a time, but NextPVR must add all the enabled decoders to the playback graph because it doesn't know in advance which ones will actually be required.

ReClockOrNot is a small plugin that works around this situation by disabling ReClock whenever a .ts file is in use, but keeping it active for all other video files.

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the ReClockOrNot plugin is v2.12.01.04, released on January 4th, 2012.

Download: (13 KB, 1074 downloads)

To install, simply extract the zip's contents into NextPVR's Data Directory.

(For NPVR 2.6, you must use instead)


This plugin requires ReClock to be installed.


For ReClockOrNot to work correctly, you must tell ReClock to never load NextPVR automatically. To do this, ensure that your ReClock settings match those highlighted in the image below.

ReClockOrNot will work automatically for .ts files and any other video file type played by NextPVR(mkv, mp4, avi, etc). If you also wish to use ReClock for DVD playback, then you must change the audio renderer within the DVD Settings tab to "ReClock Audio Renderer".

You can also - optionally - provide two batch files in the plugin's installation directory: SetDefault.bat and SetReClock.bat. If found, they will be run whenever ReClockOrNot changes the audio renderer and can be used to make any further tweaks you might want, such as changing the settings for an audio decoder based on whether it is being used for Live TV (without ReClock) or videos (with ReClock).


This plugin is discussed here:


To remove ReClockOrNot, simply delete the ReClockOrNot directory from within /Plugins.

Source Code

The source code for the ReClockOrNot plugin is available on request by sending a PM to imilne.


Developed by imilne


2013-10-11 : v3.13.10.11

  • Updated for NextPVR 3 (and .NET 4) compatibility

2012-01-04 : v2.12.01.04

  • Added support for running batch files on decoder change

2011-03-26 : v2.11.03.26

  • Initial public release


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