SubMenu is a main menu replacement plugin. It provides most of the functionality from the original NPVR menu system, and adds:

  • the ability to group items into sub menus
  • the ability to give any menu item a custom name
  • the ability to use custom background images for each menu entry

Please note that it currently only supports the horizontal menu type.

Downloading and Installing

Download: (35 KB, 1919 downloads)

To install, simply extract the zip's contents into NextPVR's Data Directory.

(For NPVR 2.6, you must use instead)


To become the active menu, SubMenu attempts to perform the following operations when you enable it. Firstly, it renames Horizontal.xml and Vertical.xml (both found in Skin\<SkinName>\Menu\) to Horizonal.submenu and Vertical.submenu. It then adds <MenuType>SubMenu</MenuType> to Skin\<SkinName>\Global.xml.


Menu Entries

Upon first run the plugin will duplicate your existing main menu settings from config.xml, writing them to <PluginSettings><SubMenu> (in its own style). You can then edit to get the menu structure you want. For example:

      <MenuItem enabled="true" displayName="EPG">TV Guide</MenuItem>
      <MenuItem enabled="true" displayName="Live TV">Live TV</MenuItem>
      <Menu name="Other">
        <MenuItem enabled="true" displayName="Music">Music</MenuItem>
        <MenuItem enabled="true" displayName="Videos">Videos</MenuItem>
        <Menu name="More">
          <MenuItem enabled="true" displayName="DVD">DVD</MenuItem>
        <MenuItem enabled="true" displayName="Pictures">Pictures</MenuItem>
      <MenuItem enabled="true" displayName="Custom" exe="C:\runme.exe" args="-args">Custom</MenuItem>

Rename a plugin using the "displayName" attribute, but make sure the element text itself has the correct name (as in the TV Guide example above).

If you want to include a "Back" menu item to allow you to select/click a button to move up a menu level, then simply include the following type of entry:

  <Menu name="MySubMenu">
    <MenuItem enabled="true" displayName="Back">Back</MenuItem>

Newly installed plugins will be detected and added to the root menu automatically. You can then edit the config file to rename, move, or disable their entry.

Custom Images

SubMenu will look for background JPEG images in its SubMenu skin folder (eg Skin\Default\SubMenu). Any images must be given the same name as the actual MenuItem entries rather than their custom names. For example, "Live TV.jpg" or "Videos.jpg".

You can download a set of background images created by Mattyb3806: (4.98 MB, 803 downloads)


To uninstall the plugin, first disable it by using NPVR Settings. You can then remove the Plugins\SubMenu and Skin\Default\SubMenu folders. If you want to fully remove all traces of the plugin, then you can also delete the entries it will have added to config.xml, under the section <PluginSettings><SubMenu>.


For help, discussion, or reporting any issues with this plugin, please use the 3rd Party Plugins area of the NextPVR forum.

Source Code

SubMenu was developed from the code in AeonLike.cs, originally released by sub in this thread. The source code for SubMenu is available on request by sending a PM to imilne.


Developed by imilne, from code originally made available by sub


2013-10-11 : v3.13.10.11

  • Updated for NextPVR 3 (and .NET 4) compatibility

2012-01-23 : v2.12.01.23

  • Added support for automatically adding new plugins to the menu
  • Menu entries can now be disabled by setting their 'enabled' attribute to false
  • The log level can now be set using the Settings dialog

2012-01-14 : v2.12.01.14

  • The plugin now shows a popup message when running a custom task

2011-08-27 : v2.11.08.27

  • Added support for the new CutAway element if defined in the skin file(s)

2011-08-17 : v2.11.08.17

  • Made some changes to the activation process so it doesn't fail after an NPVR upgrade

2011-03-20 : v2.11.03.20

  • Various changes to make the plugin compatible with NPVR 2.0.3
  • The plugin can now be enabled or disabled using NPVR Settings
  • Added support for custom background images

2010-12-05 : v0.10.12.05

  • Added the ability to include "Back" menu items to aid navigation

2010-11-29 : v0.10.11.29

  • Initial public release


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