This plugin provides a system overview of recordings, connected drives (including network drives), active tuners, basic hardware monitoring, and power related options.

Downloading and Installing

Download: (326 KB, 6047 downloads)

To install, simply extract the zip's contents into NextPVR's Data Directory.


If you wish to display CPU temperature information then CoreTemp must be installed and running in the background.


All settings for the plugin can be configured using NextPVR's Settings dialog (right-click, and select Settings). These settings are written to \Plugins\System\System.xml.

General Settings:

  • Active menu order - defines which menu buttons will be active and their order.
  • Cutoff threshold (in minutes) for warning about pending recordings - once a pending recording is due to start within this threshold time, the status messages will change to a warning colour (dependant on skin).
  • Confirm shutdown/reboot etc - specifies the conditions under which the plugin will ask for confirmation before applying a power state. The options are Always, Only when recording/within pending threshold or Never.
  • Require PIN entry for Power options - if true, then access to the plugin's Power menu option will only be granted after successful entry of the given PIN.

Drive Monitoring:

Use the list control to add, remove, or edit the drives to be monitored. Each drive can be configured either via drive letter (eg c: d:) or by a UNC network path (eg \\myserver\myshare). You can select an icon to display for the drive, and a custom label if you want to override the name used by Windows normally. The selected icon does not have to match the drive type - it's completely up to you which one you pick. You can add up to ten drives, with the skin adapting its display in different ways for up to 3, 5, or 10 drives.

  • Show drive letters - if selected, the drive letter of each drive will appear next to its name
  • Show used space rather than free space - check to display, for example: 10 GB used of 100 GB (10%). Uncheck to display 90 GB free of 100 GB (90%).
  • Auto switch to Tuner View when recordings start/end - if selected, the plugin will switch views automatically based on recording activity.

Rename Tuners:

You can use the Rename Tuner tabs to provide custom names for each of the tuners configured within NextPVR. These will display when the plugin is showing active recordings via its Tuners view.

Temperature Monitoring:

The System plugin can display the temperature of your CPU so long as you have CoreTemp installed and running in the background. The selection of display (in either C or F) can be made within CoreTemp's settings menu. If you have multiple CPUs or CPU cores, then the temperature you will see is the maximum value found across all of them.

Using the Plugin

The plugin will automatically select either the Drives view or the Tuners view based on current activity. It defaults to the Drives view, switching to Tuners if recordings become active. You can manually flick between them by selecting the View option from the menu.

Keyboard shortcuts are read from NextPVR's main KeyMappings.xml file, and are defined for changing the View (ShowOSD/Blue: Alt+B), accessing the Power options (Red: Alt+R), and Shutdown (Stop: Ctrl+S).


For help, discussion, or reporting any issues with this plugin, please use the 3rd Party Plugins area of the NextPVR forum.


To uninstall the plugin, simply remove the two System folders from \Plugins and \Skin\Default. You can temporarily disable the plugin by renaming \Plugins\System to \Plugins\_System (adding the underscore).


Developed by imilne, with skin creation by Hairy. The source code for the System plugin is available upon request.


2016-09-25 : v3.16.09.25

  • Fixed a problem with checking for new versions due to changes in NextPVR 3.8.3
  • Fixed some of the URLs in the Settings Dialog that were out of date

2014-06-02 : v3.14.06.02

  • Minor tweak to deal with an incompatibility due to changes in NUtility.dll

2013-10-11 : v3.13.10.11

  • Updated for NextPVR 3 (and .NET 4) compatibility
  • Fixed some issues with the guide not updating properly after manual EPG updates
  • Added config-file options to control an auto-EPG update at a fixed time
  • Added config-file options to not run an EPG update if any tuners are in use

2012-12-19 : v2.12.12.19

  • Added additional exception handling to cope with corrupt Windows PerfMon issues breaking CPU monitoring

2012-03-10 : v2.12.03.10

  • Added support for temperature monitoring using CoreTemp

2012-03-02 : v2.12.03.02

  • Manual EPG updates will now refresh recording-backup.xml and recurring-backup.xml

2012-02-25 : v2.12.02.25

  • Now uses the hidden menu style rather than a button list
  • Now monitors CPU, memory, and network activity
  • Power options are now presented graphically
  • Added a PIN entry option to restrict access to the Power options
  • Added detection of updates to NPVR (changes status message at the bottom of screen to show this)
  • Fixed various problems with the Update EPG option
  • Major rewrite of the threading code - should be faster, use less resources, cause less problems (!)
  • Settings are now stored in /Plugins/System/System.xml rather than config.xml
  • The logging level can now be specified

2011-07-16 : v2.11.07.16

  • Focus will now return to the buttons after switching away from the list view
  • The plugin will now warn (and not crash) if the recording service is not available
  • Fixed an issue with pending recordings (for programmes where the recording is not yet active) showing negative times

2011-07-14 : v2.11.07.14

  • Added support for displaying tuners used for Live TV in the tuners list
  • The active tuner count is now correct if clients are accessing Live TV
  • Added a Reset button to the Rename Tuners tab to reset custom names back to their defaults
  • The version label now displays "NextPVR" rather than "NPVR"
  • Added an About tab to the Settings dialog

2011-07-11 : v2.11.07.11

  • Fixed a problem with drive letters not showing up correctly

2011-04-22 : v2.11.04.22

  • Fixed a problem with the shutdown option under Windows XP

2010-12-24 : v2.10.12.24

  • Improved the plugin's performance with UNC network paths
  • Changed the skin files so that Slate is used by default
  • Changed the screen update frequency to be every 10 seconds

2010-12-02 : v2.10.12.02

  • Added support for monitoring UNC network paths

2010-11-21 : v2.10.11.21

  • Added support for renaming tuners
  • Added support for providing custom labels for drives
  • The plugin will now work with all skins, even those not explicitly supporting it

2010-10-22 : v2.10.10.22

  • Fixed a crash that occurred whenever the plugin attempted to put the system into S3 sleep

2010-10-11 : v2.10.10.11

  • Skin files can now use @channel for the channel name shown in the list of recordings
  • Changed the order that objects are rendered in, to allow for background images behind the button list
  • Experimental: Added a button to restart the recording service (disabled by default)

2010-08-08 : v2.10.08.08

  • Confirmation popups now appear for the shutdown options, using the rules selected in the Settings screen
  • Fixed a problem in client mode causing the plugin to try and read file sizes from recordings on drives it didn't have access to

2010-08-05 : v2.10.08.05

  • Added tuner activity monitoring
  • Added a View button to flick between Drives or Tuners views. Also works with "Info" on remotes (CTRL+B)
  • Added an option to have the plugin auto-switch between the views based on activity
  • Background gradients for the drive charts can now be defined in the skin
  • Per-drive elements that only appear if a drive has been added can now be defined in the skin
  • Added another drive icon type (WIN) for a Windows boot drive
  • Improved the method of detecting active/pending recordings (should be more robust)

2010-07-18 : v2.10.07.18

  • EPG updates are now working
  • Tuner activity is monitored (eg, 3 recordings in progress, 2 tuners active)
  • All settings can now be configured from the Settings dialog within NextPVR
  • You can enable/disable the menu buttons and rearrange them
  • Changes to the skin: status element labels, support for customizing the gradient paints, and larger icons

2010-07-13 : v2.10.07.13

  • Initial public release


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