This plugin allows you to watch YouTube videos on almost any NextPVR 3.x client. Features include:

  • Completely customizable lists
  • Ability to buffer videos to disk in MPEG-TS format.
  • Automatic cleanup of buffer files.
  • Ability to select prefered streams.
  • Honors NextPVR's <HideDotDot> setting.
  • Watch YouTube trailers from mvallevand's SearchLite plugin.


  • NextPVR 3.x (.Net 4.0 editions)
  • Updated ffmpeg (any static 32 bit build from 2011 or newer) which can be downloaded from Zeranoe's FFmpeg Builds

Downloading and Installing

Download: (35 KB, 1710 downloads)


Extract the zip's contents into NextPVR's Data Directory.

If you are installing to a client in a client/server setup, you will need to copy the "web\public\youtube" folder to the same relative location in your server's web folder. This only needs to be done once, not after every client install. The entire plugin does not need to be installed to headless servers, only the contents of the web folder.


Start NextPVR. Right mouse click and select "Settings". Select "Plugins" in the left hand menu. Check the box for "YouTube" on the right hand screen. Configure YouTube (see Configuration section).


General Settings

  • Show Image Reflection (disabled by default): This will show a reflection below the Menu/Video thumbnails.
  • Show Image At Angle (disabled by default): This will show the Menu/Video thumbnails angled away from you.
  • Show List On Right (disabled by default): In List View, metadata will be displayed on the left of the screen and the video list will be displayed on the right.
  • NMT Mode Always On (disabled by default): PC clients will act like NMT clients. Instead of playing videos directly from the web, they will be buffered to disc as MPEG-TS first. The buffer NextPVR's Live TV Buffer setting for * the location. This option requires ffmpeg if it is enabled. Note: When enabled, only MP4 streams from your prefered streams list will be used.
  • Signature Decoding URL: Some videos will have an encrypted signature that needs to be decrypted before YouTube will send the video file. Signature decryption is done by this plugin in an addon to NEWA. By default, the signature decryption URL will be detected when the plugin is first configured. For PC clients, it will use the URL of the server by default.
  • Auto Update Signature Decoding (enabled by default): When enabled, the plugin's NEWA addon will periodically check the open source YouTube-DL project for updates to their signature decryption routine and apply them to this plugin's signature decryption.

Menu Items Settings

Stream Preference Settings

2D Stream lists with approximate bitrate (when known)

Stream IDDescriptionVideo SizeContainerBitrate
18medium640x360MP4480578 bps
22hd7201280x720MP42158900 bps
37hd10801920x1080MP43752875 bps
382k/4k2048x1536 / 3840x2160MP434321507 bps
43medium640x360WEBM352708 bps
44large854x480WEBM2030027 bps
45hd7201280x720WEBM1397982 bps
46hd10801920x1080WEBM2762511 bps

3D Stream lists

Stream IDDescriptionVideo SizeContainer


Delete the following folders in your NextPVR data folder:

  • Media\YouTube
  • Plugins\YouTube
  • Skins\Default\YouTube
  • web\public\youtube


For help, discussion, or reporting any issues with this plugin, please use the 3rd Party Plugins area of the NextPVR forum.

Source Code

Available soon.


Main development by whurlston with signature decryption auto updater by UncleJohnsBand


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