One of the wiki admins


Server: Dell 1600SC

Running XP MCE


2 x 3.2Ghz P4 'Dual HT' CPU's @533Mhz

4096 RAM (RAM overdone of course but hey!)

3 x 36GB ULTRA 320 SCSI HDD's running in RAID 1 mode (Mirror + Hot spare). As System.

3 x 200GB SATAII's running in RAID 1 mode (Mirror + Hot spare). Partitioned for NextPVR random data/EPG and Back up tasks.

1 x 1TB HDD for recordings

Capture Hardware

Currently rebuilding system so far have re-installed:

1 x FireDTV DVB-S 1 x FloppyDTV 1 x Hauppauge HVR 1100 1 x Hauppauge Nova S2


2 x PCH A110.

3 x Hauppauge MVP's (running MVPMC dongle).

Currently default skin on all

Home Network: All connectivity with Devolo dLANŽ AV devices.

Contact on Forums Steeb

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