'VE' = Visibility Enhanced
'+' = Retro Image Backgrounds

This is a ‘Blue’ skin with an appealing ‘Retro’ theme which is reflected in the backgrounds, images, icons, fonts and colours used. This results in a ’Visibility Enhanced’ skin which is effective over a wide range of devices from large widescreen TVs to 14” 4x3 portables, whether directly attached to a PC or served by NMT/MVP extenders.

Although it has matured over the years into a smooth and elegant skin suitable for all users, it still meets the original design objective which was that tired old eyes could clearly see it on a 29” TV on the other side of the room and Mrs Jaggy could read the Main Menu and Recordings Menu on her 14” TV. (introduction written for us by a happy user)

As a bit of background, it is (what I think is) a natural development of a couple of skins I originally developed for pvrx2 (Blue-Retro-SHV & HV) that were originally based on "tieke's - Flat Blue High Visibility" skin for the old (really old now) version of GB-PVR, it has retro style task-images (some from Flat Blue High Visibility, but most I have collected & or built myself) it also uses different retro images for the different backgrounds. (It has been tested on an NMT, MVP, PC & PC Client).

Please NOTE: Some of these images above are no longer a true representation of the skin as it has been updated since they were uploaded. I will attempt to get them updated sometime soon.

Downloading and Installing

Download:BlueRetroVEPlusSkin.zip (7.4Mb)(v3.8) (2155 downloads)

Unzip the file and run BlueRetroVEPlusSkin.exe, it will automatically install into the appropriate NextPVR folder.

("..\your data directory\NPVR\Skin\BlueRetroVE+")
(ie. for Vista/Win7 "C:\users\public\npvr\skin\BlueRetroVE+")
(ie. for XP "C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\npvr\skin\BlueRetroVE+")

Please NOTE: The installer and batch files Do Not change, add or replace any files outside of the ..\Skin\BlueRetroVE+ directory

For those of you that don't like installers here is a non installer download, after extracting place the BlueRetroVE+ directory into "..\your data directory\NPVR\Skin\"

Download:BlueRetroVEPlus.7z (7.4Mb)(v3.8) (997 downloads)


This skin has been tested with NextPVR (NPVR) v2.6.2


NOTE: You must then go to Settings->General "Active skin" & select BlueRetroVE+ to see it in action.

It has both Vertical & Horizontal MainMenu options included in the install to change from one to the other make the selection in Settings->General "Preferred Style"

There are a number of batch files that allow you to customise the look, these batch files are located in "..\your data directory\NPVR\Skin\BlueRetroVE+" or you can run the "1st-Setup.bat" again to make your selection for all the options at once.

It is almost essential that you set the size & position of NextPVR to fit your TV screen as I have made all the screens use the full screen width & height to get things to fit reasonably

To get channel logos working you have to have your logos in
"..\your data directory\NPVR\Media\Channels"
& they have to have the same name as your channels.
It will display the channel number & name if you don't have logos (but it looks a huge amount better if you do).

Plug-in compatibility

It comes with Skins, TaskImages and Background images for the Plugin's

  • PluginName (Version tested)
  • Files (v1.0.4537.beta )
  • MusicBox4 (v9.4)
  • Programs (v1.2)
  • RSSReader (November 25th, 2010)
  • SearchLite (v1.4.5.4)
  • SSPlus (v1.2.0)
  • System (v2.12.03.10)
  • TVListings & TVRecordings (v3.6.1)
  • VolumeOSD (v1.1)
  • Weather (v1.0.0.2)
  • Web Radio (v3.7)

For non supported Plug-ins you should try copying the plugin skin directory from

your Data Directory\NPVR\Skin\Default\PlugInSkin
your Data Directory\NPVR\Skin\BlueRetroVE+\PlugInSkin

(while they may not look completely right at least they should work)


If you want to try your own background images they are stored in
"..\your data directory\NPVR\Skin\BlueRetroVE+\_BackgroundImages"
& have logical names like "RecordingsBackground.jpg" to make life easy.

To change the TaskImages that show on the Main Menu they are stored in
"..\your data directory\NPVR\Skin\BlueRetroVE+\TaskImages"

Known Limitations

I suspect this skin may only work well for English language users as I have cut most thing down so words only just fit. (although having said that I know users are using it with other languages, so I would suggest giving it & go & see what it looks like)

You can not use all the time span option available in NextPVR settings for the TV Guide or the text for the times will start overlapping.

There is an NextPVR bug with the display of metadata in Music where it will display "@artist" and "@album" if you do not have any id3 tag information for tracks....hopefully sub will fix this in a future release.


There are always more enhancements to do & I'm open to suggestions :)


This skin is discussed in the BlueRetroVE-skin-for-NPVR thread


In Settings->General "Active skin" select a different skin then delete (..\your data directory\NPVR\Skin\"BlueRetroVE+")



Thanks to tieke for the basic layout (way back when....) and the use of his TaskImages etc.
ACTCMS, Reddwarf, Peanut & the other beta testers for their input.


15 August 2012

  • Updated for NextPVR 2.5.5
  • Added the new SelectRecordingForPlayback Selection Popup
  • Added the new ResolveConflict Selection Popup
  • Added the new SelectArchive Selection Popup
  • Updated the FindAll Popup
  • Updated the Recordings skin
  • Added Colour Retro Picture MainMenu option
  • Updated all the Setup batch files
  • Added skin for Files plugin
  • Updated Plugin skin for TV Listings (v3.6.1)
  • Updated Plugin skin for MusicBox4 (v9.4)
  • Updated Plugin skin for SearchLite (v1.4.5.4)
  • Updated Plugin skin for SSPlus (v1.2.0)

14 July 2012

  • Updated for TV Listings plugin (v3.6.0)

27 February 2012

  • Updated for System plugin (v2.12.02.25)
  • Updated "hidden Menu" Buttons for SearchLite (v1.4.5.x)

21 January 2012

  • Updated for NextPVR 2.3.6
  • Added the new Guide Groups Selection Popup
  • Added the new Audio Selection Popup
  • Added "rating" display in details popup

24 September 2011

  • Updated for NextPVR 2.2.6
  • Added the new Details addition to the LiveTV playing NowNext view
  • Added the new Subtitles Selection Popup
  • Added display for the CurrentTime to the Players-Videos Popup
  • Modified the setup batch files for new/update installs of the skin
  • Added SSPlus(screensaver plugin) skin

08 July 2011

  • Updated for NextPVR 2.1.4
  • Added Search skin
  • Added MusicBox4 plugin skin
  • Updated TV Listings and TV Recordings skin for v3.5
  • Numerous updates right throughout the skin, so many I can't remember them all

04 March 2011

  • Updated for NextPVR 2.0.3
  • Added Watched indicator to Recordings
  • Added Watched indicator to Videos
  • Added FindAll popup skin
  • Added three Horizontal MainMenu options
  • (selectable in Settings->General after running the batch file)
  • Added Image indicators to Videos & Music IconView & ListViews
  • Added a FantArt view to Videos
  • (unfortunately we can't have both RetroBackgroundImage & FanArt at the same time)
  • Added VideoInset to most views
  • (some are so small they are just an indication VideoInset mode is running)
  • Changed the period display to short period in the TV Guides
  • Altered the ListView display right throughout the skin slightly
  • Added a further Image indicator to Videos & Music IconView & ListView
  • Changed the way the Title is displayed in the details for TV Guide & TV Listings
  • Removed the black outline from a number of font displays
  • Added a few specialist fonts for the MainMenu & Headings display
  • Increased the number of items on MainMenu from five to six & repositioned them slightly
  • Added an option to select from three different colour options for how Folders are displayed
  • Added a "Change Videos.bat" batch file
  • Added a Change FolderColour.bat
  • Updated 1st-Setup.bat to include changing the Video skin & Folder colours
  • Updated all the batch files to display better
  • Fixed a bug in TV Listings WideScreen timeline display
  • Added support for TV Listings genre introduced in ver 3.4
  • Added a Folder (blue dot) to TV Recordings

30 January 2011

  • Updated for NextPVR 1.5.36
  • Added support for the new mouse controlled timeline (introduced in NextPVR 1.5.36)
  • Smaller fonts for almost all the fonts in the WideScreen skins
  • Smaller & repositioned buttons for the WideScreen skins
  • Slight change to the display of the hidden menu
  • Slight repositioning of the text in the EventDetails popup
  • Added all the new fonts for the "default skin" for better display of non supported plugins
  • (I'm sure there are more main skin changes but I can't remember)
  • Fixed the System plugin from chopping off the text when in the recording view (4x3 skin)
  • Added skins for the plugins
  • TV Listings & TV Recordings (requires TVListings 3.3.x or later)
  • Programs
  • VolumeOSD

15 October 2010

  • Updated for NextPVR 1.5.33
  • Added the coloured timeline to the TV Guide when a recording is scheduled
  • Added text wrapping to the message popup
  • Fixed a minor bug with the popup buttons text display
  • Moved & renamed the Change MainMenu.bat to the root BlueRetroVE+ directory
  • Added a Change TVGuide.bat to the root BlueRetroVE+ directory
  • Changed the Background for the System Plugin (requires upgrading System to
  • Fixed a bug that caused button text to be truncated in the System Plugin (WS skin)
  • Made the Weather Plugin skin a little more PAL display friendly

07 October 2010

  • Added a "not so blue" picture MainMenu option (the one I prefer)
  • Re-Wrote "Change Menu.bat" completely
  • Changed all the IconViews to appear more transparent
  • Added a "Weather" plugin skin
  • Added my version of the "RSSReader" plugin skin

08 September 2010

  • Updated for NextPVR 1.5.31
  • Added Manual Record Popup skin
  • Changed the MainMenu to display a picture
  • Changed almost all fonts to display better on PAL TV's with the NMT
  • A huge number of changed to positionings etc. for the new fonts
  • Moved more things into the global part of the skin for ease of editing
  • Lots of minor teaks to make things display better overall

10 August 2010

  • So many changes I have forgotten 80% of them

30 June 2010

  • Added Background images & many other changes

16 June 2010

  • Initial public release


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