Although designed for the modern large widescreen TV viewing experience, the backgrounds, icons, fonts and style of this Retro skin will Just evoke pictures of a bygone era - when TVs were Furniture and you went to the Cinema to watch a Movie...

MainMenu Styles - Examples Darkening Masks

TV Guide - Eight Channel

Please NOTE: It will only display properly on a WideScreen (16:9/16:10) monitor or TV & requires you to have Channel Logos installed to look at its best.

Recordings Views - Different background and colour bias selections

Videos examples

User Selectable Features

  • Overall Style Selection
    • Choice of MainMenu styles
    • Choice of other Backgrounds style
    • Full Retro' style (with colour/'black and white' Retro Background Images)
    • Not so Retro' style (by not displaying any Retro Background Images)
  • Masks Selections
    • User control for the Brightness of the Main Menu and all Backgrounds
  • Navigation Selections
    • User control for the Colour Bias for the Navigation items (Blue biased, Green biased, Purple biased, Red biased)
    • User control for the Brightness and Colours of all the Navigation lists (ListView, IconView and CoversView)
    • User control for the Brightness for the Navigation Fonts
  • Frames Selections
    • Option to display an Outer (Background) Frame (puts a Frame around the outside of all the views)
    • Option to display an Inner (Foreground) Frame (puts a Frame around the outside of the MetaData views)
  • TV Guide Layout Selections
    • (6 Channels-wrap three lines, 7 Channels-wrap two lines, 8 Channels-wrap two lines, 9 Channels-no wrap)
  • Recordings ItemsView Selections
    • Smaller Items Art (With MetaData description underneath)
    • Large Items Art (with MetaData description overlaid)
  • Videos List Views Selections
    • Smaller Art (With MetaData description underneath)
    • Middle Art (With full screen width MetaData description underneath)
    • Large Items Art (with MetaData description overlaid)

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the JustRetro skin is v1.8 (This version has been tested with NextPVR (NPVR) v3.5.7) (1296 downloads)

Unzip the file and run JustRetroSkin.exe, it will automatically install into the appropriate NextPVR folder. your Data Directory\NPVR\Skin\JustRetro

Please NOTE: The installer and batch files Do Not change, add or replace any files outside of the ..\Skin\JustRetro directory

For those of you that don't like installers here is a non installer download, after extracting place the JustRetro directory into your Data Directory\NPVR\Skin

(manual updates are really not recommended as of version 1.2 and later as a number of files need to be removed for the install to work properly, therefore it would pay to delete or rename any old JustRetro skin directories prior to manual updates)

Download:JustRetro.7z (853 downloads)


This skin has been tested with NextPVR (NPVR) v3.5.7 (but it should work fine with earlier versions)


NOTE: You must then go to Settings->General "Active skin" & select JustRetro to see it in action.

Another Note: Some user configuration is required before you can see it functioning fully... just follow the onscreen prompts to configure it.

There are a number of batch files that allow you to customise the look, these batch files are located in your Data Directory\NPVR\Skin\JustRetro or you can run the "1st-Setup.bat" again to make your selection for all the options at once.

Plugin compability

It comes with Skins, TaskImages and Background images for the Plugins

  • PluginName (Version tested)
  • Files (v1.0.4537.beta ) and (forum version)
  • Movies (2.0)
  • MusicBox4 (v9.4)
  • Programs (v1.2)
  • RSSReader (November 25th, 2010)
  • SearchLite (v1.4.5.4)
  • SSPlus (v1.2.0)
  • System (v2.12.03.10)
  • TVListings & TVRecordings (v3.6.1)
  • VolumeOSD (v1.1)
  • Weather (v1.0.0.2)
  • Web Radio (v3.7)
  • YouTube (unknown - April 2014)

For non supported Plug-ins you should try copying the plugin skin directory from

your Data Directory\NPVR\Skin\Default\PlugInSkin
your Data Directory\NPVR\Skin\JustRetro\PlugInSkin

(while they may not look completely right at least they should work)

Known Limitations

It really only works well with 16:9 & 16:10 displays

There are a number of NextPVR bug with the display of metadata in Music (where it will display "@artist" and "@album" if you do not have any id3 tag information for tracks) Videos, Recordings.... hopefully sub will fix these in a future release.


This skin is discussed in the thread


In Settings->General "Active skin" select a different skin then delete the "JustRetro" directory in your Data Directory\NPVR\Skin\


Open to requests



Thanks to tieke for the use of his TaskImages etc. & Hairy for some of the ideas from his default skin.

A special huge thanks to ACTCMS & mvallevand for their input & ideas & suggestions, without them a lot of things would look completely different (and not so good).


06 September 2015

  • Updated for NextPVR 3.5.7
  • Added new SlideOut MainMenu skins
  • Added skin for Movies 2.0 plugin
  • Updated for NextPVR versions since 3.2.9

07 April 2014

  • Updated for NextPVR 3.2.9
  • Added new MetaData skins
  • Added additional 6 Row TV Guide with bigger font Option
  • Added skin for YouTube plugin (ver April 2014)
  • Updated for NextPVR 3.1.1
  • Added new LiveTV NowNext skin

15 August 2012

  • Updated for NextPVR 2.5.5
  • Added the new SelectRecordingForPlayback Selection Popup
  • Added the new ResolveConflict Selection Popup
  • Added the new SelectArchive Selection Popup
  • Updated the FindAll Popup
  • Updated the Recordings skin
  • Totally changed all the Setup batch files
  • Added Navigation Colour Options
  • Added Navigation Brightness Options
  • Added Navigation Font Brightness Options
  • Added Foreground Frame Options
  • Added 7 Row TV Guide with bigger font Option
  • Added skin for Files plugin (v1.0.4537.beta)
  • Added skin for TV Listings-TV Recordings plugins (v3.6.1)
  • Updated Plugin skin for MusicBox4 (v9.4)
  • Updated Plugin skin for SSPlus (v1.2.0)
  • Plus a pile of other changes I have totally lost count of.

20 March 2012

  • This is a total re-work of the skin
  • Added Non-Picture Background option
  • Added Background Dulling Mask options
  • Added Background Frame options
  • Added Black and White Picture MainMenu option (as requested)
  • Added options for details display for Recordings
  • Added options for details display for Videos
  • Modified the "fancy" font (major)
  • Modified the handwriting font (minor)
  • Plus a HUGE number of other changes
  • Updated the Searchlite plugin skin
  • Updated the MusicBox4 plugin skin
  • Updated the SSPlus screensaver skin (requires SSP V1.0 or later)
  • Updated the Weather plugin skin
  • Updated the TVListings default included skin for v3.6.x
  • Added Programs plugin skin

22 January 2012

  • Updated for NextPVR 2.3.6
  • Added the new Guide Groups Selection Popup
  • Added the new Audio Selection Popup
  • Added "Rating" "StarRating and "OriginalAirDate" display in details popup
  • Updated the Guides to display Gold text in the grid
  • Added a new "fancy" font
  • Modified the handwriting font
  • Updated the SSPlus screensaver skin (requires SSP V1.0 or later)
  • Added MusicBox4 plugin skin

24 October 2011

  • Initial public release


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