NextPVR includes a default skin, a number of users have created their own skins and made them available on this site.

Skin Gallery

 BlueRetroVE+ - This is a ‘Blue’ skin with an appealing ‘Retro’ theme which is reflected in the backgrounds, images, icons, fonts and colours used. This results in a ’Visibility Enhanced’ skin which is effective over a wide range of devices from large widescreen TVs to 14” 4x3 portables, whether directly attached to a PC or served by NMT/MVP extenders.
 Just:Retro - Although designed for the modern large widescreen TV viewing experience, the backgrounds, icons, fonts and style of this Retro skin will Just evoke pictures of a bygone era - when TVs were Furniture and you went to the Cinema to watch a Movie...
 NextBlue - A simple, comprehensive skin for use with most display resolutions of NextPVR.


If you're having trouble with NextPVR crashing or graphical glitches after changing skins it's recommended to revert to the default skin and try and reproduce. Most skin developers can be contacted via the forums - see the individual skin page for details.

Skin Development

If you're an artist or XML wizard why not create or maintain a Skin.

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