ImageGrabLite is a small utility program inspired by JavaWiz's WizImageGrab, and based on SearchLite's online search engine. If you haven't run SearchLite before the searches will get metadata and cover art from, and

ImageGrabLite is self-contained so you need not install SearchLite.

You can run it from the command line for testing or add to the Script batch file(s). It must be run from the NPVR Program Files folder because it uses NPVR plugin DLLs.

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the imageGrabLite utility is here

Download:imageGrabLiteSetup.7z (2456 downloads)

Uncompress the file and run imageGrabLiteSetup.exe; it will automatically install to the appropriate NPVR folders.


This plugin requires NextPVR v3.1.1+. This plugin will access the Internet. No personal information (other than your IP) will be sent.


imageGrabLite configuration takes place on the command line. Typical use of the utility is in one of the predefined NextPVR batch files (e.g. PostProcessing.bat).

NOTE: If you test imageGrabLite by running it manually, "--oid <value>" corresponds to the npvr.db3 scheduled_recording.oid value for the recording of interest. During normal NextPVR batch processing this value is passed in parameter 3, hence use of "--oid %3" in the batch file examples below.

Also, fully qualified filename examples below correspond to 32 bit systems. Change these examples according to your own file locations.

  1. To grab images for individual recordings when started, add the following line to ParallelProcessing.bat:
    "C:\Program Files\NPVR\imageGrabLite.exe" --oid %3
  2. If you want to grab images and rename individual recordings add the following line to PostProcessing.bat:
    "C:\Program Files\NPVR\imageGrabLite.exe" --oid %3 --rename
    Your recording filenames will change from the NPVR default to Series.S##E##.Episode. Movies will be renamed to MovieTitle (year) format when imageGrabLite is able to determine year of release.
  3. If you want the internal NextPVR season and episode information to override anything found online, add "--season" to your command line.
  4. If you want to rename recordings to Series.Episode format, use the "--subtitle" option. Option "--subtitle" also serves as a backup renaming format when used with options "--rename" and/or "--season" (e.g. if the web search fails or season recording information is missing).
  5. If you want to grab images when new recordings are scheduled during EPG update, add the following line to PostUpdateEPG.bat:
    "C:\Program Files\NPVR\imageGrabLite.exe" --updateepg
  6. If you are using Schedules Direct or another zap2it based EPG add "--zap2it" to the command line to stop searching files that aren't marked as movies on
  7. To create XBMC compatible .NFO files to preserve all imageGrabLite information, add the following line to ParallelProcessing.bat or PostProcessing.bat:
    "C:\Program Files\NPVR\imageGrabLite.exe" --oid %3 --nfo
    The "--rename" option may be used along with the "--nfo" option in PostProcessing.bat. In those cases imageGrabLite will either rename files as previously described, or create .NFO files when the recording can't be found online or otherwise renamed.
    Note that if the file can be renamed, existing NFO files for that file will be deleted.

$ To rename and move live recording created in the live tv folder in EPG Mode add --live

  1. If you want to reverse the imageGrabLite renaming operation for testing or other reasons, use the "--reset" parameter manually on the command line, e.g.:
    "C:\Program Files\NPVR\imageGrabLite.exe" --oid <value> --reset --zap2it
    This will revert the recording back to the NextPVR default filename.

File Exclusion

If you want to exclude generic file name patterns from searching, modify excluded.txt in the Plugins\SearchLite folder. You can have as many real regular expression searches as you'd like. For example, to exclude any show with news just enter


  Regular expression assume *News*

A unique name would be

  ^Criminal Minds$

In some cases there are specific channels that don't return many matches. To exclude channels use the SkipChannels option in excluded.txt, e.g.:

  SkipChannels=54, 56

Files that aren't found are marked in Plugins\SearchList\Skips

Files that are found are in Media\Shows as .xml and .jpg

Bulk Execution

This batch file will run ImageGrabLite against all the recordings in your database. Thanks to JavaWiz.

NOTE: This batch file requires that you have sqlite3.exe installed.

  • Download (634 downloads)
  • Uncompress the file.
  • Check that the first four SET commands in the extracted IGLBatch.bat file are suitable for your environment and reflect the IGL command parameters you want to run.
  • Make a copy of your npvr.db3 file.
  • Run IGLBatch.bat.


This plugin is discussed in the 3rd Party Plugins Utilities & Skin support forum


Remove any invocation of imageGrabLite.exe in your Scripts batch files, delete the executable.

Source Code

Source code is currently not available.


Development is informal and ongoing.


Developed by mvallevand.


v2.2.5432.32981 16 Nov 2014)

  • download .fanart.jpg
  • strip extra characters after SE
  • force specific TVDB series

v2.2.5433.16677(2 Nov 2014)

  • search for season/episode matches first

v2.2.5416.30262 (30 Oct 2014)

  • --zap2it checks for bad metadata d/ls

2.2.5399.23174 (13 Oct 2014)

  • updates database with season and episode
  • misc fixes

2.2.5124.26115 (11 Jan 2014)

  • .nfo and .rename conflict
  • possible to creating empty directories with --live

v2.2.5037.36382 (16 Oct 2013)

  • -- changes for bad folder set in config.xml

v2.2.5032.35170 (11 Oct 2013)

  • -- .NET 40 for NextPVR 3

Previous Versions

v1.2.1.35094 (24 April 2013)

  • --language option not working with thetvdb

Download:imageGrabLiteSetup-v1.7z (565 downloads)

v1.2.0.42647 (6 March 2013)

  • forced daily recording not always renaming

v1.2.0.42580 (1 March 2013)

  • leave tvshow.nfo when needed for XBMC

v1.2.0.401 (23 February 2013)

  • Added --subtitle description.

v1.2.0.401 (22 February 2013)

  • Created Wiki document; copying information from various forum posts.

v0.0 (26 June 2011)

  • Initial beta release.


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