nDroid is a simple Android client for NextPVR.


The goal of this project is to provide a native Android interface for NextPVR. Current features are...

  • Seven-day, Now/Next and Timeslot views for EPG data retrieved from a NextPVR setup
  • See what is set to record (highlighted in the lists)
  • Schedule/Cancel recordings
  • View list of Ready Recordings, see details and watch them (3rd-party Android video player required).
  • View NextPVR Videos folders and play the content (3rd-party Android video player required).
  • View NextPVR Music folders and play the content using internal player.
  • Perform fast Full Text Searches on the TV Guide


nDroid is comprised of two parts:

nDroidAndroid Client App1.9.02013-06-21Android Market (see below)
nDroidServiceNextPVR proxy service2.0.2.02013-07-09Download:nDroidServiceSetup- (6389 downloads)


NOTE: Install nDroidService FIRST!


IMPORTANT: If you already have the service installed on you machine, make sure it is stopped before running the installer.

  1. The installer is pretty much automated. I'd recommend at this stage just accepting all of the default options.
  2. The install process will create a Start Menu shortcut for 'nDroid Service Settings' to allow setting username/password and port number.
  3. For Windows XP only, the install process will also create Start Menu shortcuts to allow starting/stopping the service.
  4. When changing settings, the username/password must be the same as those used in the N-PVR Settings page for the web service. NOTE: these are case-sensitive and must be in plain text.
  5. The default port used for listening is 8790 - if you change this make sure to change to the same port number on the nDroid client.
  6. After saving changes with the Service Settings app you must stop/start the service to reload the settings.
  7. To enable updates to the EPG files used by the nDroid client, edit/create PostUpdateEpg.bat (see Further Information / Configuration / Usage section below).
  8. Please see the sticky post nDroid and firewalls in the nDroid support forum about configuring firewalls.

nDroid client:

  • The nDroid client app is distributed through the Android Market. To find it, open the Market app on your Android device and search for ndroid nextpvr. Alternatively if you have a QR Code reader app on your Android device use the code image below.
  • I recommend that you do not set it for automatic updates as I expect there will be future versions of the client which will rely on installing an updated version of nDroidService first.
QR Code for nDroid on the Android Market

Further information / Configuration / Usage

First run setup info

  • When initially setting up I'd recommend wi-fi and a numeric IP address if you have the ability to do so. Using a DNS name should work but I haven't tested thoroughly.. Bear in mind that downloads will be a lot slower using mobile internet so give it time.
  • The port number is the one the nDroidService listens on...DO NOT set it to be the same as the N-PVR web server which is a different thing.
  • Username and Password, however, MUST be the same as you have set for the N-PVR web server.
  • Make sure you have wi-fi / mobile Internet enabled on first run and make sure any firewall software on your PC or on your router will allow connection to port 8790 (or other if you change port number).


When NextPVR performs an EPG update it will automatically run a batch file called PostUpdateEpg.bat when it completes. In order to signal to the nDroidService that the EPG has been updated, do the following.

  1. Locate the NPVR\Scripts folder (example, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NPVR\Scripts)
  2. If it doesn't exist, create a new text file and call it PostUpdateEpg.bat
  3. Edit the file to contain this line sc control "nDroid Service" 129
  4. Close/save the file


  • Touch the channel logo box / channel name to get a popup channel selector
  • Press the MENU button to get setup options as follows...
    • View - Changes the TV Guide view. Options are 7 Day tabbed view, Now/Next Showing view and All channels by timeslot.
    • Recordings - Similar to NextPVR Ready Recordings although managing recordings, e.g. deleting, is not yet supported. Streaming of recordings requires 3rd-party Android video player app to be installed.
    • Manual Recording - Allow manual recording scheduling. Needs work on the UI to tidy it up a bit.
    • Videos - Similar to the NextPVR Videos plugin. Streaming of videos requires 3rd-party Android video player app installed.
    • Music - Similar to the NextPVR Music plugin but uses internal music player.
    • Settings - Allows searching TV Guide, changing network settings, updating the TV Guide, checking file versions, resetting data and setting transcoding options.

Known issues

  • The BACK button needs to be pressed twice to get back from the Search screen to the main nDroid app.
  • Setting/cancelling a recording usually makes the guide jump back to the beginning, i.e., first programme of the day.
  • 'All episodes, all channels' recordings not yet supported.
  • Setting a 'season' recording, e.g., 'Daily, this timeslot' should show the first highlighted in orange on the time field but won't for the other days until an EPG download/update.



This utility is discussed here on the nDroid support forum




Thanks to

  • all who have tested and provided feedback/bug information/suggestions
  • UncleJohnsBand for helping me understand NEWA web services
  • BrettB for icon contributions
  • mvallevand for persevering in solving some issues with Android versions pre v2.2


2013-07-09 - v2.0.2

  • nDroid app:
    • No changes to the nDroid app - the version change is only applicable to the nDroid Service and the app's version remains at v1.9.0
  • nDroidService:
    • Fixed another problem which may still have caused failure with the installer.

2013-07-08 - v2.0.1

  • nDroid app:
    • No changes to the nDroid app - the version change is only applicable to the nDroid Service and the app's version remains at v1.9.0
  • nDroidService:
    • Fixed problem with installer using incorrect version of .NET InstallUtil.exe

2013-07-06 - v2.0.0

  • nDroid app:
    • No changes to the nDroid app - the version change is only applicable to the nDroid Service and the app's version remains at v1.9.0
  • nDroidService:
    • Now built to use MS .NET Framework v4.0 to bring it in line with a future release of NextPVR
    • Fixed problem where channels with illegal filename characters in their names would mean logo files weren't downloaded. NOTE: Only applicable to nDroid (TE).
    • Fixed problem with spurious Rollback error when registering the nDroid Service.

2013-05-12 - v1.9.0

  • nDroid app:
    • Fixed bug which meant Recordings deleted at the npvr server weren't removed from the app database after a daily update.
  • nDroidService:
    • No changes to the nDroid Service - the version change is only applicable to the nDroid app and the service version remains at v1.8.9

2013-05-12 - v1.8.9

  • nDroid app:
    • No changes to the nDroid app - the version change is only applicable to the nDroid Service and the app's version remains at v1.8.7
  • nDroidService:
    • Fixed problem with the nDroid Service Settings application crashing on 64-bit versions of Windows
    • Added code for nDroid (TE)

2013-04-02 - v1.8.7

  • nDroid app:
    • Changed the "first run" download screen to show individual files being processed when populating the database.
    • Fixed bug in Videos library which might cause a crash when selecting a video folder
    • Fixed problem with correctly identifying minimum NextPVR version required for transcoding
    • Added a "wake lock" to the music player to prevent the Android device from sleeping when playing back music
    • Various bug fixes
  • nDroidService:
    • Changed the way files are generated at startup
    • Various bug fixes

2013-01-26 - v1.8.6

  • nDroid app:
    • Fixed problem with Now/Next and Timeslot EPG views showing incorrect information in list separators
    • Added correct highlighting for pending/running recordings in Now/Next EPG view
    • Fixed problem with watching Live TV and Recordings incorrectly defaulting to transcoding mode
    • Fixed problem where Recordings playback failed with ethernet
    • Added track name to music player
    • Various minor bug-fixes
  • nDroidService:
    • No updates

2013-01-24 - v1.8.5

  • nDroid app:
    • Fixed problem where server details and credentials were wiped on upgrade
    • Improved start time of Now/Next and Timeslot guide views
  • nDroidService:
    • No updates

2013-01-23 - v1.8.4

  • nDroid app:
    • Changed EPG file format to use 7 individual XML files instead of a single 'seven day' XML file. Hopefully this will prevent 'out-of-memory' problems when importing EPG data for a large number of channels
    • Changed 'Now Showing' guide view to 'Now/Next' (see 'Known Issues' section above).
    • Daily EPG updates now performed automatically by a background service hard-coded to trigger 30 minutes after the NextPVR automatic update. If there is no network connection available, download and update of EPG data will be triggered next time a network connection is enabled.
    • Scheduling / cancelling recordings now handled by background service. If there is no network connection available, requests will be queued and processed next time a connection becomes available.
    • Added a notification system to provide information in the status bar relevant to background service activity.
    • Added 'Full text search' facility. Press the dedicated Search button or go to 'Settings' -> 'Search' on a device without a dedicated button. (See 'Known Issues' section above).
    • Added transcoding options for streaming Live TV and recorded shows from the Recordings views. NOTE: this requires NextPVR v2.5.11 or above. Only preset options are currently available with Low (256x144), Med (512x288) and High (768x432). Each have two choices of bitrate.
    • Added ability to use wired ethernet connection (not tested).
    • Dropped support for Android v2.1 and below as current statistics show that users have at least v2.2 installed.
    • Added a Music Player. Currently quite primitive and definitely a work-in-progress but with potential of more advanced music playback options.
    • Various bug fixes
  • nDroidService:
    • Changed the daily file generation code to refresh all file data including channels and npvr config data and to split the EPG data into seven individual XML files.
    • Various bug fixes

2012-03-10 - v1.8.2

  • nDroid app:
    • No updates
  • nDroidService:
    • Fixed bug which caused the nDroid Service to always use the default NextPVR web server port (8866) to communicate with the NEWA web services.
    • Fixed bug which caused the nDroid Service listener to always use the default port (8790)
    • Added logic to automatically restart nDroid Service listener thread from the nDroid Service Settings Utility to immediately effect changes when the settings are changed.

2012-03-07 - v1.8.1.1

  • nDroid app:
    • No updates
  • nDroidService:
    • Minor update to correctly handle Video/Music folders on shared drives. NOTE: You must run the nDroid Service as a user with access permissions to the shared folders.

2012-02-29 - v1.8.1

  • nDroid app:
    • Moved settings / maintenance control to a new Settings preference screen.
    • Added Videos and Music menu options.
    • Added small pop-up messages to acknowledge a record/cancel request
    • Added duration to guide details dialog
  • nDroidService:
    • Fixed a couple of bugs which would prevent the service / listener from recovering after a wake from standby / hibernate.

2012-02-11 - v1.7.7

  • nDroid app:
    • Improved upgrade process to allow upgrading from version 1.6.8 (or earlier) without the need to un-install first
    • Add version checking against the nDroid Service - now tells the user they need to upgrade the nDroid Service software on their NextPVR server (if applicable)
  • nDroidService:
    • Modifications to the nDroid Service streaming server to hopefully provide faster start to playing back media

2012-02-03 - v1.7.5

  • nDroid app:
    • Fixed time-zone related issue in the Guide detail popup of the short lived v1.7.4 which prevented record/watch of programmes

2012-02-03 - v1.7.4

  • nDroid app:
    • Changed the order of buttons on the various popups to put 'Close' on the left hopefully to prevent acidental recordings or cancelling existing recordings.
    • Added 'Watch' button to various Guide popups to allow watching Live TV (see section below)
    • Added Recordings view to show existing recordings and allow them to be watched (see below)
    • Updated the way currently scheduled recordings are managed - should prevent the highlight in Gude views failing after the app is updated
    • Updated various database tables in the local database to match changes in NextPVR v2.3.6 (mostly not yet used)
    • Various bug fixes and stuff I've forgotten
  • nDroidService:
    • Updated export logic to cater for new database format in NextPVR v2.3.6
    • Fixed bug that might falsely report a recording request is successful even if there has been an error
    • Added streaming HTTP server
    • Improved logging in some areas
    • Various bug fixes and stuff I've forgotten

2011-03-11 01:00 - v1.2.0

  • Initial release of v1.2.0

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