NextEnd - sports time extender and more.!!!

NextEnd is a command line tool designed to monitor sports recordings and extend the recording time until the game is over or optionally truncate it if is short. It will also monitor and help extend the end time of shows that follow major sports events.

The following sports events are supported:

Schedules Direct and livePVRData

  • NFL Football, NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball

livePVRData only

  • NCAA College Football, CFL Football,
  • Formula One, NASCAR Racing - Monster Energy, Xfinity and Camping World Truck plus IndyCar coming
  • English Premier League Soccer, UEFA Champions League Soccer many others can be enabled on request

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the NextEnd utility is here

Download:NextEndSetup.7z (824 downloads) Beta Release

Uncompress the file and run NextEndSetup.exe; it will automatically install to the NextPVR Program Directory.


To uninstall as administrator remove the following files from the program files directory NextEnd.exe, JsonExSerializer.dll and LivePvrData.dll

Plus remove Plugins\NextPVR from the User folder


  1. Parallel processing for extending
To use NextEnd add the following to your ParallelProcessing.bat file. This option will extend sports or the shows that follow a sporting event. Without this nothing will get extended
start /b "" "%PROGRAMFILES%\NPVR\NextEnd.exe" --oid %3
timeout 1
  1. EPG Update processing
To be able to extend shows on Sunday nights or in late night, add the following lines to your PostUpdateEPG.bat
taskkill /IM NextEnd.exe /f
start /b "" "%PROGRAMFILES%\NPVR\NextEnd.exe" --monitor
timeout 1
  1. Post startup
If you stop the recording service, NextEnd could stop. So you should also add the following line to your PostStartup.bat ensure monitors continue
start /b "" "%PROGRAMFILES%\NPVR\NextEnd.exe" --monitor
timeout 1

You can run these command from the command prompt too. if you are using 64 bit Windows you need to use "%PROGRAMFILEs(x86)%"

Command line options

  1. All methods
    • --sd use Schedules Direct for monitoring with livePVRData
    • --sdonly use only Schedules Direct for monitoring
  2. Monitoring
    • --monitor Monitor evening sporting events and Sunday afternoon second games
    • --sunday Only monitor Sunday afternoon second games
    • --jit Delay monitors until just before the end time of the event if NextEnd find sports in the guide that might be a problem Use caution on this as you have to kill the NextEnd tasks if NextPVR ends.
    • --group {GroupName } Used with --jit to specify a NextPVR group which holds the channels you think are problematic.
  3. Extending
    • -- {oid recording_id} This is for parallel processing using --oid %3
    • --cancel Cancel recording when sports stop (stop any padding) after scheduled end time
    • --early Additionally cancel recording sports when sports stop before the scheduled end time
    • --postgame {time} Time to add on for postgame chat, interviews etc (Default 15 minutes)
    • --preempt If sports overrun end of next show do not add postgame time. Default is to add postgame padding
    • --resume Add a resume point to the actual game stop time
 Note if you enable NextPVR's built in sports extending this will disable NextEnd's extending capability on those sports


This plugin is supported in the 3rd Party Plugins Utilities & Skin support forum

Background History


Developed by mvallevand.

LivePVRData originally developed by Slugger and now supported by skiingwiz SageTV SRE Support

Thanks to greg_in_kansas, BrettB and leaded1 for their help in testing


v2.0.6274.30072 release

  • NASCAR changes for new Monster Energy sponsor

v2.0.6174.31598 release

  • fix problem with DST
  • improved support for delayed games (cancel if not started in one hour
  • new server and port to support livepvrdata

v2.0.6121.41882 release candidate

  • fix end time miscalculation on long games
  • improve monitoring of system resumes to ensure NIC is up

v2.0.6119.16936 (02 Oct 2016) beta release candidate

  • added Schedules direct monitoring
  • changed for new format of LivePVRData API
  • added daily monitor role
  • added just-in-time monitor

v1.0.5633.10942 (3 Jun 2015)

  • use Slugger's new monitor
  • update for FIFA WWC

v1.0.5509.22035(31 Jan 2015) - update for "Super Bowl XLIX"

v1.0.5409.33325(23 Oct 2014)

  • store .stop files in Plugins\NextEnd
  • cleans up old .stop files
  • support for CFL Football

v1.0.5406.41430(20 Oct 2014)

  • better handling of one-off recordings
  • fixed four hour limit on monitoring
  • added new sports, NBA, 2014 World Series, NASCAR Racing, Formula One Racing
  • better resume handling

v1.0.5392.36447 (13 Oct 2014) Released to wiki


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