This is a Windows Desktop/Sidebar gadget that shows a few scheduled recordings in the gadget and the full schedule in the flyout. It also optionally shows the available disk space in the gadget and full system status in a separate flyout. It works on any Windows 7 or Vista PC with network access to your PC running NEWA.


  • Enable the NEWA web server in NextPVR on the PC that does the recording.
  • Close and uninstall any previous versions of the gadget that you may be running on the target PC (right click entry in Gadget Gallery and choose 'Uninstall').
  • Open a browser on the target PC where you want to install the gadget and go to the NEWA Statistics page.
  • Click on the 'Install NPVR Recording Status Gadget' button.
  • Either open the file directly from the browser or double-click the downloaded '.gadget' file to install and add to the desktop.
  • Right-click the gadget and choose 'Options'.
  • Set the appropriate server and port.
  • Click OK for it to connect and show the recording schedule and (optionally) free disk space.


  • Click on the recording schedule area to show a flyout with the full recording schedule.
  • Click on the free disk space area to show a flyout with the system status.


Windows Desktop Gadget support thread in the NEWA support forum.

Customize Recording Schedule Item

Customizing what is displayed for each recording schedule item is possible in the Options. It is a javascript string that is easy to mess up so edit with care. The "rec" object has the following properties available for each schedule item: Title, Subtitle, Description, Start, Stop, ChannelName, ChannelNumber, ChannelLogo, Status, oid, rid


The following example adds the channel logo and Subtitle for each item (see image below). Go to the Schedule Options page in the gadget, change the 'Schedule item height' to 50, and copy all the text below and replace the text that is in the 'HTML string' text box in the Options.

"<div class='RecordingTitle' style='height:20px'>"
+ "<img style='position:relative;top:3px' height='15px' src='" + rec.ChannelLogo + "' />&nbsp;"
+ rec.Title + "</div>"
+ (rec.Subtitle != "" ? "<div class='RecordingSub'>" + rec.Subtitle + "</div>" : "" )
+ "<div class='RecordingSub'>" + (isRecordingNow ? "-" + rec.Stop.format(gTimeFormat) : (date != today ? date : rec.Start.format(gTimeFormat))) + " " + rec.ChannelName + " (" + rec.ChannelNumber + ")</div>"


Developed by cncb.


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