This utility is used to update the TV Listings database with additional information for programmes from the xmltv-file that is also used as EPG-source in NPVR. The plugin TVListings then uses this extra information in the tv guide.

Downloading and Installing

The tool is available here: XmltvExtras.zip

Simply put the executable in the "NPVR\Scripts" directory.

Configuration and Usage

Since version 3.1, no more commandline parameters are needed, so that it is sufficient to just launch the XmltvExtras.exe file. With version 3.2, the utility has been stripped down to only extract the "icon" information for programmes, since all other data is available in NPVR itself in the meantime.

The utility will then search the programmes in your xmltv-file for additional information about show images and store them in the TV Listings database.

The update procedure is incremental, so if you're only downloading your xmltv-file for one day (and are not using the "Complete EPG-Reload" function of NPVR), then the existing entries in the database will remain. The programme will also delete such entries for programmes that are no longer existant in the NPVR-database.

The utility is intended to be run after NPVR's built-in EPG update procedure has finished. This can be done automatically by calling XmltvExtras from the PostUpdateEPG-batch file. A suitable PostUpdateEPG.bat file is included in the above download.


NPVR and the TVListings Plugin. Your EPG-source must be a xmltv-EPG-source. The following xmltv elements are currently used by the utility and the TVListings plugin:

  <icon src="..." />


This utility is discussed here: http://forums.gbpvr.com/forumdisplay.php?f=45




2014-01-22v3.3.0- upgraded to .NET 4.0 for NPVR 3.0
- corrected access to date-time database parameters
2012-03-19v3.2.0- stripped down functionality to only import "icon" attributes of programmes
2011-04-03v3.1.2- fixed an issue where outdated category mappings where not removed during incremental update
2011-02-21v3.1.1- added support for updated tvlistings database format
2011-02-11v3.1.0- added automatic detection of used xmltv files from database (no commandline parameter needed anymore)
- added support for xmltv categories (genres)
2010-11-11v3.0.1- fixed an issue where a non-existing dtd prevented further processing
2010-11-09v3.0.0- initial version for NPVR

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