If you can't see your analog device in the devices list after installing SoftPVR then you need to add an entry for it in the configuration file.

1. Run FilterCheck

Run the FilterCheck utility.

2. Identify your tuner card

Open the FilterCheck log file and look for your tuner device in the AM_KSCATEGORY_CAPTURE section. Often a device entry is easily recognisable, however sometimes manufacturers use a more cryptic name. For example a 'BlackGold BT3595' is reported as '7231 BDA analog Capture'.

The AM_KSCATEGORY_CAPTURE section lists all devices which can be used for analog input and output (sound cards as well as tuner cards should be expected to be here). [If your card is not listed in the FilterCheck log file then it is not supported by NextPVR.]

3. Determine the type of tuner card

Look for the AM_KSCATEGORY_ENCODER and AM_KSCATEGORY_MULTIPLEXER sections in the FilterCheck log file. If they are empty then you have a software encoding based device, if not then you have a tuner which supports hardware encoding.

Software encoding example FilterCheck.log file

Hardware encoding example FilterCheck.log file

4. Add your tuner to the analog devices configuration file

The final step is to add an entry to the AnalogDevice.xml configuration file with the information you have found in the previous steps. This file can be found in the data directory and should be opened with Notepad.

Each device entry is made of 3 or 4 parts, depending on the type of tuner.

  1. Filter - the name of the analog Tuner as it is shown in the FilterCheck log file.
  2. Name - A friendly name for the device (this can be anything you want).
  3. Type - The encoding type (SOFT_ENCODE or HARD_ENCODE).
  4. FilterEncoder - The name of the hardware encoder as it is shown in the FilterCheck log file.


 <Device filter="7231 BDA Analog Capture">
  <Name>BlackGold BT3595</Name>
 <Device filter="ATI AVStream Analog Capture">
  <Name>ATI 650 Pro</Name>
  <FilterEncoder>ATI AVStream MPEG2 Multiplexer</FilterEncoder>

AnalogDevices.xml file with both of the examples above added

5. Restart NextPVR

Save the AnalogDevice.xml and restart NextPVR. You should now see your analog device in the devices list.


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