This walkthrough covers device configuration, scanning for channels and setting up the EPG. It uses a Happauge NOVA-T tuner card and the UK Freeview DVB service as a specific example but will be useful for most DVB based devices and TV services.

1. Configure Your Device

On the Devices tab of the settings dialog select your DVB-T device and click the Device Setup button. This will show the Digital Recorder Settings dialog. In the Type Specific Settings area of the Optionally set your country and region. If you're in the UK or Australia it's recommended to tick Scan Offsets as this will allow the Device to detect all of the TV channels.

2. Scan for channels

Click Scan to show the Digital Channels Setup Dialog and start the channel scanning process.

3. Update the EPG

Once the scan is complete and the channels have been added, the last step is to click the Update EPG button on the channels tab. In the future, the EPG will be updated every day as per the EPG Update Hour setting on the General tab. Note that all channels have the DVB/ATSC EPG listed as their EPG source by default - this means that the transmitted (over the air, OTA) EPG data will be used.

Once the EPG is updated you can click OK on Settings dialog to save your configuration. You should now see a list of channels in the TV Guide and be able to watch and record TV shows!


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