This walkthrough is a 'dummies guide' to installing and configuring the NextPVR NMT client, mvpmcx2.

1. Configure a Guest share on the server

A guest share should be created on the server for the NMT to use for configuration and startup files. The default install folder for mvpmcx2 is C:\mvpmc. The exact steps to follow depend on the Windows version which is running on the server.

Windows 2000/XP Simple File Sharing is enabled. See

Windows Vista and Windows 7 See the wiki for a great guide. Remember that Password Protected Sharing should be disabled.

2. NMT Configuration

Mounting the network share and setting a video output.

2.1 Adding Network Share

The network share needs to be set using the NMT interface. NMT Interface -> Settings -> Network Share -> Add.

  • Share Name: Leave Blank
  • URL: smb://Machine-Hostname/mvpmc
  • Username: Leave Blank
  • Password: Leave Blank

The machine name is case sensitive.

2.2 Set NMT Video Output

The video output is set under NMT Interface -> Settings -> Audio/Video -> Video Output. The output must be specified and not set to Auto. Match the output to your TV setup.

3. Testing the Connection

Before continuing, it is recommended to perform a simple test to check the connection between the server and NMT. This can be as simple as playing a audio or video file from the default NMT interface from the share.

4. Install mvpmcx2 using NMTInstall tool

The NMTInstall program has been designed to require a minimum user input, and you are strongly recommended to accept all defaults.

4.1. Installation Options

Select your installation options. Existing NextPVR users could remove all the choices in the first option except for installing mvpmcx2 and can decide whether they want to try the new skins and plugins in the third. Installing the Next-PVR updates is still recommended.

4.2. Installation Folder

Select the location for your client files (default recommended). If you want to use a USB drive on the NMT, insert the USB drive and chose it as the destination. This is not important for CSI hard disk installations, but it is a good idea to keep the folder so NextPVR updates are only downloaded once.

4.3. Setup Options

Enter the MAC address, mode (PCH2 recommended) and desired menu resolution. The MAC address and screen settings are only used when you select to update the NextPVR PCH settings. They really are only needed when adding devices for the first time and can be left as is at other times.

When you select installation of mvpmcx2 the latest versions of the original or current versions will be downloaded from Selecting the original PCH version is not recommended.

The menu resolution should be left at 720p even if you use a 1080i/p monitor. Videos will play at the higher resolution but the menu screens will be a lot faster.

4.4. NextPVR Installation Options (if selected to install NextPVR)

Accept all defaults on the NextPVR install until you click on Finish.

4.5. Installer Details / Summary Screen

Review the Details for errors and click Close.

5 Start NPVR

To start NextPVR from the selection screen on the NMT (if using the default N-PVR.html to load), you can use the shortcut of:

# Blue Enter Enter (where # is the menu number of the mvpmc share)

6. Further Reading

Tips & Tricks Page - Advanced Options

NMT Client Page - NMT Client Information.

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