The groups and site structure are described below, try to follow the guidelines when adding new pages.


Only page in this group at the moment is the Homepage which will act as a general introduction to NextPVR and this website.

Quick Start

This should be only a few, concise and well written pages. How to download, install and simply configure NextPVR. For further help or configuration link to the relevant Manual/Configuration page


About Using NextPVR. Describes each NextPVR screen (TV Guide, Videos) with links to configuration pages if required. And things like the keyboard reference and command line options.


Pages in this group cover any kind of configuration, either inside the settings screens or external things like bat files, media metadata and so on.


FAQ's split into sections; General, Error Messages, etc


Pages in this group provide one or more walkthroughs which cover in detail a particular configuration or usage scenario. For example, 'How to configure a DVB-T device for UK Freeview', or 'How to access the NextPVR Web Server from work'.


Pages for community created plugins would be part of this group.


Pages for community created skins would be part of this group.


Pages for community created utilities would be part of this group.


Pages in this group would be related to developing plugins, creating skins or editing this wiki.


Pages in this group cover hardware that can be used with NextPVR.


Pages in this group cover clients that can be used with NextPVR. For example MVP, NMTs and PCs.


Anything that really can't be put in a better category.


Description of commonly used terms used when talking about NextPVR and media centre software and PCs in general.

Special Pages

Not a group as such but a collection of pages useful to Documentation Authors and site admins.

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