The Bulk Map screen can used to quickly remap the EPG source for a number of channels in one go, (the alternative would be to visit the details popup for each and every channel).

For example, you may decide you'd like to switch your channels to use XMLTV listings instead of the default 'DVB/ATSC EPG'. To simplify the process, after switching the first channel to XMLTV, then Bulk Map screen will ask if you want it to auto-mapping the rest of the channels for you. It'll try to do this by matching the channel name (with punctuation and capitalisation removed).

Auto-merge channels with the same name

Click to treat channels with the same name to treated as the same channel. This can be useful if you can receive the same channels from different types of devices or sources (for example, satellite and over-the-air).

Page last modified on January 20, 2012, at 10:19 PM