This tab allows you to manage configured channels and related EPG.

Channels List

A collated list of channels from all configured devices.

Update EPG

Updates the TV Guide (EPG) for all channels and devices. If present, the UpdateEPG batch file will be run prior to updating the EPG.

Empty EPG

Clears the database (TV Guide) of all EPG data.


Shows the Shows the Channel Groups dialog which can be used to define custom groups of channels which can then be used to filter the TV Guide.

Bulk Map

Shows the Bulk Map dialog which can be used to quickly remap the EPG source for multiple channels.


Shows the properties for the selected channel. Use to configure the EPG for this channel. Note that the channel number entered here doesn't have to match that of your source, it's only used to order the channels in the TV Guide.


Removes the selected channel.

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