Multidec Setup


Setting up a Multidec solution for your DVB-S/T/C setup is somewhat of a challenge as this setup requires several 3rd party products configured to work together with NextPVR. The advantage is that NextPVR will be able to multirecord two or more channels simultaneously providing the channels are on the same frequency.

This section describes the most commonly used setup using a Phoenix card reader, the NewCS card server S/W and Acamd card client S/W. There are several other software solutions that provide the same functionality but these are not covered in these instructions.


The basic principle of the setup is that a Phoenix card reader is installed on a computer on your network. The program card is then inserted in the card reader. On the same computer the newCS card server software is installed, configured and the server is started.

For each multidec instance in NextPVR a separate installation of the Acamd card client software is done and configured to communicate with the card server. When NextPVR is recording or playing live-TV, the card client calls the card server to decrypt the channel.

Card reader

Install the Phoenix card reader according to the installation instructions provided by the card reader vendor. The two listed card readers below are both connected through USB which creates a virtual serialport(VCP) in Windows which all programs can use just as any normal serialport.

Card server installation and configuration

Download the NewCS software and unzip the content.

NextPVR installation and configuration

The multidec requires the file ffdesca.dll to be put in NextPVRs program directory.

When configuring NextPVR and selecting multidec a directory is created in MDplugins for each instance. This is the directory where the card client Acamd installation should be made.

Card client installation and configuration

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