WARNING! Only the donators versions of mc2xml are still working. The free "Microsoft media center legacy service" stopped working in July 2015 when Microsoft changed their backend data provider

mc2xml is a free program which will download EPG / TV listings to a .XML file which can be used with NPVR so you know what is on TV.

  1. Make a folder on your preferred hard drive and call it mc2xml.
  2. Download the mc2xml.exe file to that folder from the link above.
  3. Go to the mc2xml folder with mc2xml.exe now in it.

For example, let's say you have a second hard drive called D: and you used that for the mc2xml folder so you have D:\mc2xml with mc2xml.exe in it. Now in that folder, you need to create a .BAT file to perform updates with...

  1. Right-click out in the white area away from mc2xml.exe and left-click on NEW > TEXT DOCUMENT.
  2. Copy/Paste the code below...

    cd "D:\mc2xml"
    '''mc2xml.exe -d 168 -o TVGUIDE.xml -s -6'''

  3. Click FILE > SAVE AS and click the down arrow for SAVE AS TYPE. Change that to ALL FILES and call the file UpdateEPG.bat and click SAVE.

Now you will have two files in D:\mc2xml...

  • mc2xml.exe
  • UpdateEPG.bat

-d is how many hours of TV listings mc2xml will download. 168 hours = 7 days. I do this because a lot of times TV listings 8+ days out will not have the proper episode description for the show. Getting only 7 days of TV listings fixed that. You can delete -d 168 if you like, but mc2xml will default to 2 weeks of TV listings and some may not have the correct episode description.

-o is the name of the .XML file which will be created. After mc2xml downloads TV listings, it will write a file called TVGUIDE.xml.

-s is the start position of the listings. This is used because sometimes the EPG will not download correctly. This corrects that problem. 6 means it goes 6 hours back when the EPG is downloaded. So you do an EPG update at say 6 AM. The listings would start at midnight.

Now double-click on UpdateEPG.bat. The first time it runs, a window will pop up asking you what service you want to get TV listings from. I use microsoft legacy. Enter the Postal/Zip code and select the Country code you want for your TV listings then click OK. Another window will pop up. Select your TV service provider. After you select the right one, click OK. mc2xml will save your settings as a third file called mc2xml.dat, download the current TV listings, and save the TV listings as a fourth file called TVGUIDE.xml.

Now you need to get those TV listings into NPVR's EPG...

  1. Open NPVR.
  2. Right-click on the main window then left-click on SETTINGS.
  3. Click on DEVICES on the left then double-click on the device you want channel listings for. I use a DirecTV STB hooked up to my computer's Haupauge WinTV-HVR-1800 TV tuner card with SVideo and RCA audio cables so mine is the ANALOG one.
  4. Click IMPORT.
  5. For INPUT SOURCE, make sure you have the correct one selected. For me, that was SVideo.
  6. For XMLTV FILE, click the browse button and select TVGUIDE.xml in the D:\mc2xml folder.
  7. Click OK.

It will take a little bit of time to import the channels. Once finished, verify the proper channels and numbers are listed. You can also delete channels you don't have or don't want. Click OK when you are done.

Now click on CHANNELS on the left and then click on UPDATE EPG. This will take some time for NPVR to update the EPG depending on how many channels there are. When complete, click OK to go back to the main window. Click on TV Guide and verify it is correct.

Last of all, copy UpdateEPG.bat from D:\mc2xml and paste it to the NPVR data directory. The default location will be...

  • C:\Users\Public\NPVR\Scripts for Windows 7 & Vista.
  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NPVR\Scripts for Windows XP.

NPVR will update the EPG by default every day at 2 AM from the TVGUIDE.xml file created by mc2xml. To keep TVGUIDE.xml up-to-date, the UpdateEPG.bat file in the NPVR data directory will be ran automatically by NPVR to download the current TV listings before it updates the EPG. You can change the time from 2 AM to when you want NPVR to update the EPG by going to SETTINGS > MISC2 in NPVR.

Remember, if TV listings stop being created, there is probably a new version of mc2xml available so you will need to download mc2xml.exe again from the link at the top.


Page last modified on December 12, 2015, at 06:46 PM