TV Guide Minutes

Sets the time span visible in the TV Guide.

EPG Update Time

Sets the time at when the TV Guide (EPG) should update automatically. If the computer is in hibernate or standby mode, NextPVR will attempt to wake it up. If present, the UpdateEPG batch file will be run prior to updating the EPG.

Auto Update EPG

Untick to disable automatic EPG updates.

Hide DVB/ATSC radio channels in TV Guide

Toggles whether or not digital radio channels are shown along with regular TV channels in the TV Guide.


A selection of miscellaneous configuration options.

Prompt for resume in Video Library

Choose whether to show a "Resume or Restart?" prompt when starting playback of a previously watched file from the Video Libary.

Prompt for resume in DVD Playback

Choose whether to show a "Resume or Restart?" prompt when starting playback of a previously watched DVD.

Use alternate OSD with missing video

This feature isn't fully functional as of NextPVR v2.4.3 and so should be treated as beta. Set whether to use an alternative OSD which can be shown without video being available, for example when attempting change to a non-broadcasting channel (because of signal problems or that it is off air or encrypted for example).

FF/RW behaviour

Choose the FF/RW key behaviour:

  • Short Skip is a jump in playback for 30-60 seconds.
  • Fast Play is more like fast forward / rewind on a VCR.

Remote Control

Remove control configuration options.

Handle MCE Remote events

Set whether NextPVR should handle the full range of MCE Remote events. Typically disabled by users who wish to do their own custom MCE key mappings using utilities such as HIP, IRSS or EventGhost for example.

Start NextPVR with MCE Remote Green button

Set whether NextPVR should launch upon pressing the green Windows jewel button on the MCE remote. You will need to manually disable MCE from starting on this button.

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