The NextPVR Video screen can display media art and xml formatted metadata such as genre and synopsis. This page discusses the supported metadata formats and suggested sources.

Metadata Formats

A number of video metadata formats are supported.

XML file

This is the preferred format for metadata for Video Files. NextPVR looks for an XML metadata file with the same name as the video file. For example, "12 Monkeys.xml" would be the metadata file for "12 Monkeys.avi". Also, MyMovies.xml can be used, but only 1 per directory (useful for DVD's.)


    <FullTitle>Twelve Monkeys (1995)</FullTitle>
    <LocalTitle>Twelve Monkeys (1995)</LocalTitle>
    <ProductionYear>5 January 1996 (USA)</ProductionYear>
    <RunningTime>129 min</RunningTime>
    <Description>In a future world devastated by disease, a convict is sent 
    back in time to gather information about the man-made virus that wiped 
    out most of the human population on the planet.</Description>
      <Front>.\12 Monkeys - (2007-10-05).jpg</Front>
    <Genres>Sci-Fi, Thriller</Genres>

Media Art

The NextPVR library plugins can display media art. It looks for image files with the same name as the video. It will also read the .xml file as for images specified as coverart.

The video library looks for <filename>.jpg, fanart.jpg, folder.jpg, <filename>.png, fanart.png and folder.png.

Metadata Sources

There are a number of methods available which can be used to create quality metadata for your video files.

The Internet

There's always the tried and tested manual method of creating the XML files and sourcing the metadata and cover art from Amazon or such yourself. This can sometimes be the easiest option for those with smaller media libraries and gives you complete control over what it shown.

Media Managers

Media manager applications such as YAMMM (Yet Another Media Manager) and Media Centre Master can help with creating metadata and artwork for your video files, sometimes automatically or with little effort.

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