You will need an XMLTV grabber to download your EPG data into a file, and then point NextPVR to that file which can be stored anywhere on your system. NextPVR can also link directly to an XMLTV file on a web server. Configure your grabber according to any given instructions. Once you've set the options correctly and executed the grabber it will produce a data.xml file (the name may vary but the extension will always be ****.xml).


Here are the XMLTV grabbers that users have working with NextPVR:

DigiGuideUK onlySubscription required (free trial available)Used in conjunction with XMLTVGUI.
mc2xmlWorldwideFree but donations welcome.Grabs Windows Media Center EPG data.(WARNING! Only the donators versions of mc2xml are still working. The free "Microsoft media center legacy service" stopped working in July 2015 when Microsoft changed their backend data provider)
Schedules DirectUSA/Canada and othersSubscription required (free trial available)Schedules Direct can be used via XMLTV, but most people instead favour using the integrated Schedules Direct support instead. See SchedulesDirect.
XMLTVGUIUK and othersFree (donations welcome)Main function to grab Radio Times listings but also highly customizable.

Mapping XML data file to Channels

Once you have successfully produced the ****.xml file you need to integrate it with NextPVR. From the Channels screen in Settings, select your first channel and click "Details". There you specify XMLTV as your source and point it to the location of your ****.xml file.

If the scanned channel name and the channel name in the XMLTV file are identical NextPVR will automatically find it for you. Often channel names may have variations between the broadcaster and your XMLTV source, if this is the case and NextPVR does not match the channel automatically use the drop down box to select the channel data you wish to map to the chosen channel.

Once you've done the first channel map the rest with Bulk Map. For each channel just click the "XMLTV Channel" field and pick the channel in the EPG that matches the physical channel. You may also change the channel numbers at this point to something more suitable for your use. At the end of this process click "UpdateEPG" to have it load and populate your TVGuide with the listings data.

How to automate XML EPG updates

Once you setup your XMLTV grabber, you can put the commands to run the grabber in to the updateepg.bat file in the npvr\scripts directory. NextPVR runs this file first before updating the EPG each time.

To automate the EPG update each night, create an UpdateEPG.bat file in the NPVR\Scripts directory (found in the data directory, not program files directory). Just put whatever command you need to update your ****.xml file. For MC2XML it would be as simple as this:

cd \path\to\mc2xml

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