DVD Menu

Action Keyboard Remote Control
Play (on most DVD's this will start the DVD playing on any menu) Ctrl-P PLAY button
Navigate the DVD menus ↑, ↓ ←, → Up, Down, Left, Right arrow

DVD Playback

Action Keyboard Remote Control
Jump to DVD Menu Home Info
Play (unpause) Ctrl-P PLAY button
Stop playback and return to DVD menu Ctrl-S STOP button
Pause recording Ctrl-Q PAUSE button
Fast-forward DVD Ctrl-F FF button (>>)
Rewind DVD Ctrl-R REWIND button (<<)
Skip forward (60 s by default)1 Ctrl-[Right Arrow] SKIP button (>|)
Skip back (30 s by default)2 Ctrl-[Left Arrow] REPLAY button (|<)
Skip forward xx minutes/seconds3 number of minutes/seconds + Ctrl-[Left Arrow] number of minutes/seconds + SKIP button
Show menu bar Ctrl-B Info button / Blue Button
Toggle aspect ratio4 F7
Change Subtitles stream Ctrl-Y Yellow
Change Audio stream Ctrl-G Green

1. Default forward skip size is defined in the "Playback" section of config.xml file.
2. Default back skip size is defined in the "Playback" section of config.xml file.
3. The units (minutes/seconds) which the video is skipped by is configured in the "Playback" section of config.xml file.
4. Auto, Fill, Remove LetterBox, PillarBox.

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